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Slugging For Jude — An Update

Hello everyone,

Since my last post about the Slugging For Jude leagues, plenty has happened with the Slugging For Jude Fantasy Baseball leagues.

I have received an enormous response and support from the Fantasy Industry and others as well with no ties to the Fantasy industry.

Jude has been through treatment and was able to return home to his little brother a few days ago. They also have made a HUGE decision and will be moving back to Minnesota for a Bone Marrow transplant.

If you want to follow along with Jude and the Anderson family journey, be sure to keep tabs on their Caring Bridge site.

Our “Slugging For Jude” Goals

So, my initial goal was to set up Fantasy Baseball Leagues and in place of league fees, have donations for entry in any amount with prizes being donated as well to reward the winners. My hope was to fill 10 leagues of 12 people each — assuming around $10-20 a donation.

Well, I fell short.

So far we have had four drafts, two Dynasty Drafts, and one more final league drafting on March 29 — we still need owners for that one, so check out today. Obviously, this is nowhere near the 10 leagues I had hoped for.

Here’s the thing though, we as an industry have already raised my goal amount of money! That is amazing. It means folks who aren’t playing in our leagues, but instead are in leagues aside from SFJ Leagues, are donating! And folks are donating very generous amounts of money!

It speaks to the generosity of the Fantasy industry, and people in general. For that, I thank you, and the Andersons do as well, so very much! They weren’t expecting this and the results so far have been fantastic.

They still have $1,000 left to reach their goal, though.

Too Many Leagues? Become a ‘Sponsor’ Instead!

There is a new initiative as well, known now as Sponsoring. This is for all the Fantasy nuts out there like myself who are in too many leagues already and simply can’t play. Ask your league-mates to pool some money together and donate it to Jude on behalf of your league! Still helping in the name of Fantasy too!

This drive isn’t over, folks. I want it to finish strong. We still need Fantasy Baseball owners. Experience does not matter. We need experts, we need veterans, we need rookies. It doesn’t matter!

Please, if you haven’t yet joined a league or simply want to donate, please do so today. Go to this link and use the button on the right.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Now on to the thank yous. These are all sites and individuals who have either donated prizes to the leagues, incentives for people to join the leagues, or been kind enough to allow me to discuss the leagues on air. Thank you all so very much!

It has really worked wonders on spreading the word. I am sure I missed some folks so please don’t be upset, but feel free to let me know and I will be sure to make note for the final post.

David Gonos and Doug Anderson: For allowing me to use as a resource, spreading the word, and to Gonos for getting me on The Fantasy Funhouse” radio show. I am sure if I wasn’t doing this, I would be cranking out more articles, but they are 100 percent on board. Thanks, guys.

Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio and RotoExperts.comA great site, with fantastic programming on Sirius XM and content on their site. They have donated 2015 Draft kits and their newest addition to the fold,, has also donated 1-month premium packages to league winners.

Most importantly they allowed me to join Joe Pisapia on “The Fantasy Black Book,” and Nando DiFino on “The Fantasy Funhouse” radio shows. Simply amazing!

Dear Mr. Fantasy Podcast: They have allowed me to post information about “Slugging For Jude,” as well as participate in the leagues and plug them on their podcast. Again thanks to Chris McBrien and Joe Pisapia. They post fantastic content and links to the best articles and rankings daily, but they also found time to add my initial “Slugging For Jude” post.

Fake Teams,com: For also allowing me to post on their site!

Liz Loza and John Evans: They are diehard football fans and host the fantastic X’s & Y’s Podcast. While they are not playing in leagues, they have donated and helped spread the word! Thank you.

Mike Fabber: He has donated and invited me to join him on his show this week.

Jerry Colvin: For playing in the Dynasty League and donating cash, as well as some awesome baseball memorabilia to award as prizes — including an autographed Jedd Gyorko card! Thanks buddy! They have promoted the SFJ leagues and offered free Fantasy Draft Guides to the cause, as well. Thanks, guys! They are also donating to a fantastic cause themselves — The Wounded Warrior Project — so support them, too, please!

Ron Shandler: For offering out some subscriptions to the awesome Monthly Fantasy Baseball leagues on I can’t think of a better midseason prize!

To everyone else who has donated, played in a league or league(s), I sincerely thank you.

This is truly a great cause and all of your support has been amazing. So please continue spreading the word, bury me with emails and league invite requests please! It all means things are going well. Join more!

If you want more info, feel free to shoot me a message on the form below.

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Be sure to follow me on Twitter, spread the word and good luck in all of your upcoming drafts!

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