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June is coming… and the next two months will decide the fate of many teams.

These months will create the landscape in copious leagues for the final act of the season where championship are won and lost, the months of August and September.

As this pivotal period ascends upon us a recalibration of rankings is needed.

When dissecting the data, one’s task is to decipher in discovery which pitching performances are real, who is emerging and eliminate any impostors.

This week I would like to do a quick pitch examination of three very interesting starting pitchers.

Gerrit Cole, SP, Pittsburgh Pirates

Raise the Jolly Roger!

Every pitcher’s development is different and our timetables don’t always coincide with theirs but the promise is being fulfilled in Pittsburgh and an ace has arrived.

August 20th 2014 (8 GS) – May 22nd 2015 (9 GS)

17 GS  10 W  3 L  109.1 IP  2.72 ERA  2.33 FIP  2.69 xFIP  49.6 GB%  28.3 K%  22.6 K-BB%

2015 Season

9 GS  6 W  2 L  57.0 IP  2.05 ERA  2.28 FIP  2.62 xFIP  54.8 GB%  27.6 K%  21.6 K-BB%

Cole has been worth wait and is one of the premier pitching talents in all of baseball.

Danny Salazar, SP, Cleveland Indians

Another in Cleveland’s collection of talented arms.

This young arm was an epic fail in 2014 and the 2015 season started with him in the minor leagues but upon his call-up has flashed the potential in his limited starts.

8 GS  5 W  1 L  49.1 IP  3.65 ERA  3.54 FIP  2.61 xFIP  46.3 GB%  32.2 K%  26.3 K-BB%

This is an unfinished product but a tremendous talent and future star sooner then later. The home run ball is an issue with 8 allowed so far but an increased ground ball percentage is promising.

Jason Hammel, SP, Chicago Cubs

This journeyman pitcher has found a home on the North Side of Chicago.

2014 Cubs stats

17 GS  8 W  5 L  2.98 ERA  3.19 FIP  3.21 xFIP  41.5 GB%  24.2 K%  18.9 K-BB%

2015  Cubs stats

9 GS  3 W  2L  2.98 ERA  3.00 FIP  3.02 xFIP  40.6 GB%  24.6 K%  21.6 K-BB%

Jason Hammel and the Cubs wasted no time reuniting in the offseason. This under the radar pitcher keeps producing for the Cubs and all signs point to continued success.

Top 50 Starting Pitcher Rankings

Here is this week’s top 50 Starting Pitchers and for the full list of pitchers visit and checkout the “In-Season Starting Pitcher Index.”

May 27, 2015

  1. Clayton Kershaw
  2. Max Scherzer
  3. Felix Hernandez
  4. Matt Harvey
  5. Corey Kluber
  6. Chris Sale
  7. Madison Bumgarner
  8. Zack Greinke
  9. Gerrit Cole
  10. Johnny Cueto*
  11. David Price
  12. Cole Hamels
  13. Jake Arrieta
  14. Sonny Gray
  15. Chris Archer
  16. Jacob deGrom
  17. Michael Pineda
  18. Carlos Carrasco
  19. Jon Lester
  20. Stephen Strasburg
  21. James Shields
  22. Garrett Richards
  23. Michael Wacha
  24. Jordan Zimmermann
  25. Danny Salazar
  26. Andrew Cashner
  27. Tyson Ross
  28. Francisco Liriano
  29. Jeff Samardzija
  30. Jake Odorizzi
  31. Shelby Miller
  32. Dallas Kuechel
  33. Jason Hammel
  34. Lance Lynn
  35. Gio Gonzalez
  36. AJ Burnett
  37. Collin Mchugh
  38. Julio Teheran
  39. Alex Wood
  40. Anibal Sanchez
  41. Trevor Bauer
  42. Jose Fernandez*
  43. Masahiro Tanaka*
  44. Noah Syndergaard
  45. Drew Hutchison
  46. Carlos Martinez
  47. Scott Kazmir
  48. Jose Quintana
  49. Mike Fiers
  50. Jimmy Nelson

*Best of luck in the confidence game that is starting pitching.

Which players do you think we should move up — or down — in these Starting Pitcher Rankings?

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