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Sunday Night Sandlot: Fact or Fluke on MLB Hot Starters

Buck Davidson and Doug Anderson welcome “So-Called Fantasy Expert,” Fabian Taylor into the virtual studio to discuss Week 1 of the MLB season. We’ve got our usual mix of hot and cold starters and it can be a challenge trying to determine which ones we need to worry about.

Fabian also talks about the similarities and differences between Fantasy Baseball and his other love; trading stocks and commodities.

After htting on the always volatile bullpen situations, the three discuss the results from the first week of the season and whether we can really make any real evaluations on the MLB hot starters.


Fact or Fluke?

Has Adrian Gonzalez returned to his 30-plus home run ways?

Joey Votto is hitting with power once again. Can we trust him to stay healthy or is it just a matter of time before his next ailment?

What about Mike Napoli? He had offseason surgery to deal with his sleep apnea and then had a monster spring. Then he started the season 0-for-16. Is there any reason to think he’s anything more than a decent corner infielder with some power?

Then there’s the case of Doug’s favorite young ace Taijuan Walker. This top prospect dominated every team he faced in Spring Training and then went out and got rocked in his season debut. Is there still reason to be optimistic?


Joey Votto Photo Courtesy of Keith Allison


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