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Sunday Night Sandlot Sleepers Extravaganza

Buck Davidson and Doug Anderson reveal their hitting sleepers and busts as they take a virtual trip around the diamond.

You can talk about the first round all you want. but Fantasy Baseball championships are usually won  from the 10th round on. That’s where Fantasy Baseball sleepers come in.

There’s definitely an argument that there’s no such thing as a sleeper in this age of information overload. Fine, then, call them over and under-values, breakout players; whatever term you want to use, there’s no doubt that every Fantasy Baseball owner wants to be the genius who knew about a certain player before anyone else in his league.

The Sunday Night Sandlot, makes it “So-Called Fantasy Experts,” debut with a look at the hitters who will be making you smile this season. Don’t worry, we’re not all rainbows and unicorns. Buck Davidson and Doug Anderson also take a turn to the dark side and look at the hitting busts that will be haunting your season for the next six months.

Looking for a consensus  view on your favorite sleepers? Look somewhere else. Buck and Doug agree on a few, but there’s more than one player that was a sleeper and a bust at the same position. Who’s right? You be the judge. Listen to The Sunday Night Sandlot.

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