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A.J. and Joe are back and moving on with our 2016 Fantasy Baseball Position Preview.

Fantasy Baseball 2B and SS Preview

For this show we will be covering the second base and shortstop positions. Positions that most seasons are not thought of as positions where you get the majority of your production from in Fantasy Baseball. Perhaps that is starting to change though. Let’s dive in.

Second Base

Second base is an interesting position this year. It is generally viewed as one that is not very deep, but maybe we are all wrong.

We cover that and get into if Dee Gordon is really the No. 1 or No. 2 second baseman?

What to expect from Anthony Rendon and can Robinson Cano and Ian Kinsler still be top options given their older age?


Shortstop is loaded with young up and coming talent and there is a lot of excitement around this position, especially Carlos Correa.

We go into depth on him and ask what to expect from other 2nd year players such as Francisco Lindor and Addison Russell?

The last major topic is the shortstops on the move, Ian Desmond, Starlin Castro and Jean Segura, and will a change of scenery do them well.


Along with those specific topics for each position, we also will go through some draft strategies, sleeper and busts for each one.

LABR Draft

During the show the LABR mixed draft was going on. This is a draft full of All-Stars, including FNTSY and “So-Called Fantasy Expert’s” own Doug Anderson. We break in from time to time with updates and analysis of the picks that happen while we are on air.


As always call in or tweet us during the show @fantasysixpack (Joe) or @AppleGarthAlgar (A.J.) to give us your opinion or ask a question.

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