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Hi everybody. Myself and co-host A.J. Applegarth (@AppleGarthAlgar) are back and ready to fully transition to Fantasy Baseball!

Since we have been on break a lot has happened in the world of Baseball and we are excited to start covering it.

We get to all of that after a brief shout out to the rock and roll legends that passed over the past month (I apologize for the audio difficulties during this segment). The passing of both David Bowie and Glenn Frey are sad, but they definitely left a mark in the music world and they will be missed.

FSTA Draft

We start today’s show with the FSTA draft, that was held in mid January.

This in my opinion is the start to the Fantasy Baseball draft season. A group of 13 great minds get together for this league and kind of set the tone for the rest of the draft season. We break it down to let you know some of the more interesting picks of the draft.

You can view the draft results here.

There were definitely some surprise picks in the first couple of rounds that we discuss, including the first overall pick, Paul Goldschmidt. Not saying they are bad picks, just that they were surprising.

It is not all the first few rounds either. We’ll get into some of the later picks that were good, bad, interesting and cover the trends that we noticed from the top experts in the field.

We definitely cover the Adam Wainwright pick, who was the 24th overall pitcher off the board. You can hear his thoughts about this pick when he called into the SiriusXM show during the draft. Its pretty funny

Recent Baseball Transactions

We finish up by discussing the last month of free agent signings and trades. All the way from Chris Davis staying with the Orioles, Yoenis Cespedes staying with the Mets to the Corey Dickerson trade.

We go through all of the moves that will affect your Fantasy Baseball season in 2016.

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