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After a week off we are back for another edition of The Fantasy Six Pack Hour.

Gearing up for Fantasy Playoffs

This week we started off by discussing how you need to start preparing for your Fantasy playoffs. An immediate way to do this is to make some trades before the trade deadline, which is Wednesday at Noon in standard ESPN leagues. We let you know some of the players you should target and who is good trade bait.

A great thing to look at is a teams strength of schedule for the playoff weeks in your league. We used the tool from fftoolbox and already filtered it for weeks 14-16. Great to use if you want to find out if your players have a favorable or unfavorable schedule.

Worst Football… Ever?

Next we talk about the level of play in the NFL recently. Have all these injuries finally caught up to the teams and affected the level of play on the field?

Richard Savill from FantasySixPack calls in to give his opinion on this and him and A.J. go on a bit of a rant about the concussion protocol.

All of these factors really affect the level of play on the field, making it almost unwatchable at times. It is also affecting your Fantasy teams. I dare you just go back and look at your scoreboard the last couple of weeks. You will see some really low scores.

Week 12 Prep

We finish with our Week 12 prep by going through the injuries you need to know about, waiver wire claims you need to make and making our sleeper/bust predictions for the week.

Enjoy and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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