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Last week began with Rob Gronkowski showing us why he is the best tight end in the league. However, many tight ends proved they aren’t going to give up the fight for the top spot just yet. We had five tight ends that scored multiple times and three who eclipsed the 100 yard mark.

Tyler Eifert led the way with nine catches on 12 targets and they weren’t even behind vs. the Raiders at any point in the game. In contrast, Austin Seferian-Jenkins was targeted seven times which resulted in 110 yards and two touchdowns but his production was more a result of game flow than anything else.  I am not shocked by Seferian Jenkins’ production considering a rookie quarterback usually relies on his tight end as a safety valve.

This week there are juicy match-ups either because of injury, defense or in some cases both. I am becoming optimistic that there may be many more big games from tight ends not named Gronkowski and Graham. Of course, they both did well last week and will not relinquish their top two spots.

We will look at this week’s players that I like more thanks to our very own So Called Fantasy Football Tight End rankings this week.  I will also reveal the ones I do not like as much. Last week, my results were mixed as Jordan Cameron had a strong day and would have had an even better day had he not been held at the goal line. I was absolutely spot on with Owen Daniels who I liked less and who produced a pathetic two catches for 5 yards.

Let’s begin the hunt shall we?

Week 2 Tight End Rankings Reaction

Who I like More

The the two players  in this section are practically locks for big time production. With these guys in your lineup, you will sleep like a baby.

Jimmy Graham, Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers

Graham had a good week considering he was playing a tough defense as well as a division rival. He converted six of his eight total targets, which translated to 51 yards and a touchdown. Not overwhelming stats, but a very good week for someone not named Jimmy Graham. I am optimistic that Graham will have an absolute monster Week 2. Last week, Green Bay allowed five receptions, 55 yards and a TD to Martellus Bennett.

The Seattle-Green Bay total is at 48.5, which clearly tells us this will be a high scoring game. In addition, the Packers lost their signal-calling linebacker Sam Barrington, which will only enhance Graham’s likelihood of torching the Packers. The Pack can’t match up personnel wise and Seattle will take full advantage of it.

Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles

Jason Witten is an absolute lock this week considering there is no Dez Bryant to steal targets. Witten will be used early and often and will see more targets at tight end than anyone this week. Witten had nine targets last week that led to two touchdowns and eight receptions along with 60 yards.

With the total set at 55.5 points, I cannot see any scenario where Witten has an off day. The only problem Witten may have is that he will be tired from the number of times Romo will target him.


Who I Like Less

Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills


There is no way Rex Ryan allows Gronk to feast like the Steelers did. They will be bracketing him the whole day as Rex flexes his defensive mind. He absolutely despises the Patriots and will recognize that the only way to win is to slow down Gronkowski. Now, I don’t expect him to be shut down but I do expect him to have limited production.

Last week, the Bills gave up a total of seven targets between Colby Fleener and Dwayne Allen for a total of four receptions and 22 yards (Allen/Fleener were in last week’s, Who I Like Less section). They did give up a “junk” touchdown toward the end of the game but otherwise, Luck and his receivers were essentially stifled.


Martellus Bennett, Chicago Bears vs. Arizona Cardinals

Historically, the Cardinals have been known for giving up great production to tight ends, but Bennett will not feast. Jay Cutler is being handcuffed by this coaching staff because they know he is prone to throwing the “crushing” interception. Last week, Jay threw for 225 yards and a touchdown against a defense that is not all that good. The Bears want to focus on running the ball and limit Cutler’s chances to lose the game for them.

Last week, the Cardinals severely limited the tight end production of the Saints. Brees had good numbers but he was playing from behind for the whole game. Ben Watson had three catches for 19 yards and was only targeted five times. I do not have a good feeling about Bennett and will I recommend staying away from him.

I am looking forward to this week as the tight end position is starting to perk up in terms of production. Last week, I was pleasantly surprised and I only expect better numbers this week. If you don’t have a good tight end this week, maybe you need to work out a bit more!

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