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I have tried many and most Daily Fantasy Sports sites out there, but it is difficult to commit to just a few, or play each of them daily, as it simply can take too much time, money or effort to accomplish. Although luckily I have found a newer app that I have become enamored with over the last week. Most importantly it can be what you make of it. If you put in the time and effort looking at Batter vs Pitcher matchups, against left-handed pitching, or even a hitter’s success against a weak bullpen you can utilize it on

You don’t have to dedicate hours of time each day though to play this game, to compete for real cash, or just plain have fun. You can literally wing it and hand-pick which players, matchups, or particular at-bats you would like to use. That is completely up to you. You want to wait on Mike Trout until he is up with runners on base? Go for it. Do you think Joe Mauer will have better luck facing a pitcher for the third time in a game? Well, then you can wait and do just that.

I am going to do a brief review of this mobile app only DFS app and I encourage all of you to install it (It takes a little more effort for Android users) but not much, and it is worth it! Once you do so and have it installed you are ready to rock and roll and try it out for free. Then, if you are REALLY bold you can take on some of us here at SCFE and win 5 bucks if you outscored us in the Beat the ‘So-Called Fantasy Experts Freeroll’. Seriously, you have nothing to lose, and it will provide even more entertainment during the ballgames you are watching, the NHL Playoffs intermission, or one of the life partner’s favorite television shows. 

Fanamana: How does it work?

Fanamana Screenshot

Well, the first thing you need to do is install it on your mobile device. You can get it in the Apple App Store or in the Google Play store. However, as I noted above, you will want to ensure you get the complete version on your Android devices and follow these steps to do it. You can download it directly from the Fanamana site as well, as long as you follow the above steps.

Once you have it installed you are ready to start playing. Ok, so the concept is relatively simple. You play anywhere from 3, 6, or 9 innings and just like in a real game you get three outs before your inning is over. Whatever happens to the batters you choose in real-time will affect your Fanamana outcome. Let’s say your first batter lines out, you have one out. If they get a walk, then you have a base runner which any of your next 3, or more batters, depending on their outcomes can knock in for a run.

As Baseball games begin each day the app will populate with each games batters and pitchers as they are on deck in real-time. This gives you some time to decide who you want to utilize in your game as it progresses. If you happen to get a few baserunners without any outs, or only one out maybe you want to wait for a slugger and hope they hit a home run. Or you could play it safe and go with a high average hitter to keep the streak alive!

You continue to do this until all of your outs and innings are complete. Here is the thing though, it is a Daily Fantasy game, but you do not need to play your game every day or finish it on one night. You can play over days which means if you really want to strategize your hitting vs pitching matchups you definitely can! How cool is that?

How Do I Score and Win?

Basically it is just like real baseball,  if you outscored your opponent(s) in the alloted innings then you win. There are many different scenarios and ways to score or consider but that will take time to write out, so I encourage you to catch up on the scoring and rules here.

Tomas let this particular squad down with the bases loaded.

Tomas let this particular squad down with the bases loaded.

What Makes It So Unique?

Well besides what is mentioned above the Fantasy manager literally has complete control of their games. No rainouts, or delays to ruin an entire evening of DFS. Pinch hitters, or mid game injuries? Not really an issue as you choose at-bats as they happen, or the player is on deck. It is a real-time game that you can play as quickly, or meticulously as you like.

Sounds Great, Let’s Play Ball!

I hope I wooed you all to give this a try, and if you think about it is really a win-win. You can try it for free. Download it for free. Whoop on me for FREE and win money to play in the future at the same time. You ever watch an at-bat and say ” I am calling a base clearing double down the right field line” before? Well, maybe not that thorough, but now you can make a call AND select that batter and get rewarded if you are correct.

Again, be sure to join up and play in our Beat the So-Called Fantasy Experts Freeroll too. If you have worries about strategies, and other tips to win on Fanamana fear not. I will be writing several more posts in the future to help guide you along this season. Also, a little birdie has informed me they will be looking to branch out in to NFL, and other sports in the future too. Exciting stuff.



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