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Top 5 Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools

Your draft is coming. SCFE presents to you the top Fantasy Football Draft Tools of 2015, and they’re all free!

Top Fantasy Football Draft Tools

I get it. You’re independent. You want to do things on your own. Man, woman, or child — you don’t need any help building your Fantasy Football championship team.

There’s a lot to be said for being the captain of your own destiny, but I think you’re looking at things a little wrong. Yes, you have what it takes to win the championship. You’re smart enough, you’re good enough, and dammit, people like you.

But here’s the deal. With more and more people playing Fantasy Football, and information so readily available, it’s getting harder to stay ahead of the competition. Smart players are finding ways to save time on research and preparation, so that they can put their attention where it’s needed.

That’s why we’re here. We’re going to look into the very best Fantasy Football draft tools, that will help you be at your best on draft day.

There are a lot out there. My SCFE cohort David Gonos has a list that goes 33 deep. It’s nice, but he missed a few I like, and you probably don’t have time to give them all a try. So, I’m focusing on just the Top 5 Fantasy Football draft tools. They’re all free, and I’ve personally used all of them with great results.

The Best Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools

1. FantasyPros Mock Draft Simulator

I’m not sure people realize just how good this is. I’ve always though Mock Drafts could be useful, but in the past they could be a real pain with no-shows or owners who leave in the middle. The Mock Draft Simulator gets rid of these problems and gives value to every mock you complete.

This tool lets you do a complete mock draft in a matter of minutes. You simply input your league specifics, select the slot you want to draft from and you’re on your way. The computer drafts for all the other teams, based on the FantasyPros Consensus Rankings, so your draft is going to look more like the real thing.

Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools

The FantasyPros Draft Wizard is the best free Fantasy Football draft tool in all the land!

You can do an entire mock in 10 minutes or so, so it’s no big deal to experiment. See what happens from each slot in the draft. How will your team look if you try the Zero RB strategy? Want to draft Andrew Luck in the first round? See what the repercussions are. You do a few of these every day in the week prior to your draft and there will be very few surprises on the big day.

The FantasyPros Mock Draft Simulator is completely free. Try it out with the simulator hosted on our site. The free version let’s you do an unlimited number of mocks. If you like the way it works, you might want to consider their Fantasy Football Draft Assistant. It’s similar to the mock draft simulator, but connects directly to your live draft and comes with some very impressive additional features. It crosses off drafted players and makes suggestions based on who the industry’s top experts would pick. It highlights players that are likely to be the best draft values, and even gives you the percentages of your sleepers being available later in the draft. It even let’s you create and edit cheat sheets for your in-person draft in a matter of a few minutes.

Whether you stick with the free tool or upgrade to the paid version, it’s time to get mocking. You know your leaguemates are.

2. Cheat Sheet War Room

Whether you draft on-line or in person, half the battle in a successful draft is being organized. Every site has different default rankings and they’re all laid out differently. lets you create your own custom cheat sheets, so that you’ll be prepared for the big day no matter where you’re drafting.

Cheat Sheet War Room is a completely free online tool for creating customized Fantasy Football cheat sheets. Each custom fantasy football cheat sheet incorporates an assortment of useful information directly into the cheat sheet itself. This allows you to easily create educated rankings without having to scour the web for player information or hassle with clumsy spreadsheets.CHeat Sheet War Room uses a simple drag-and-drop interface and lets you tag players as sleepers, busts, or injured. You can even input personal notes on each player that will be carried over into your printed cheat sheet.

3. FootballGuys’ Free Daily Email Updates

Who has time to visit hundreds of different team sites a day? With their Daily Email Updates, sorts through the stories, finds the ones that are relevant to you, and condenses them so that you can focus on what’s important.

Each newsletter contains 15 to 30 of the biggest NFL stories for that day. In addition to summarizing these stories, each newsletter provides links to the original article posted on the internet. It’s not just a list of links or blurbs though. The Footballguys also include a section that describes the fantasy implication of each story.

The Footballguys Daily Updates begin in May and run every day through the NFL regular season. All you have to do is enter your email on the form at their site and you’re set to go.

4. numberFire’s “Who Do I Draft?” Tool

It’s such a simple idea, but tools like this are hard to find. All this tool does is simply compare two players and give you a recommendation on which one to draft. It’s not perfect as it uses 2014 stats, so it may mislead you on rookies or players who were injured last year. Still it’s so quick and can easily be used during the heat of your draft. Just type the first few letters of a players name and the player you’re looking for will pop up.  Powerful software can be a huge help in Fantasy Football drafts, but sometimes something simple can be much more useful.

5. Fantasy Rundown’s Fantasy Football Rankings Compilation

Fantasy Rundown is a huge resource in all areas of Fantasy Sports, but their rankings compilation page may be the most helpful. They’ve provided access to the rankings of 40-plus sites in a way that won’t overwhelm you. There are plenty of sites that provide Fantasy Football rankings, but each site comes with its own biases. Being able to quickly access the rankings from numerous sites can give you a more clear picture of how the community as a whole views a player.

Hey, You Got the Bonus Plan!

6. “So-Called Fantasy Experts” Free Fantasy Football Email Advice

I know you’ve seen email advice in plenty of places and you can always turn to twitter. SCFE advice is different. You don’t just get a suggestion from one Fantasy expert with years of experience. You get feedback from an entire team of Fantasy experts with a combined 100-plus years of experience. We’re not afraid to disagree either. You’re bound to get dissenting opinion with our advice, but each team member is going to give you the rationale behind their thinking. Then you make the decision.

We’re not into making decisions for players, but we definitely want to share different viewpoints with you. Besides, you don’t want to just be a passenger on your Fantasy Football adventure. You’re the captain.

Let us know if there are some free Fantasy Football draft tools you love that we missed on our list!

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