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Welcome back to another edition of the SCFE Fantasy Fantasy Football podcast! For this episode I’m flying solo, and I decided to try something a little different. We’ve had David Gonos on here to teach us about DFS. We then had Levi Serfoss on here to help us round out our DFS education.

And I am going to put that education to work. I am putting my admittedly small DFS reputation at stake and drafted a team on the podcast. You get an exclusive look into my brain this week. How awesome is that?

The first thing I learned from David was the different types of games and how to approach each of them. I took his advice and am attempting to build my bankroll through 50/50 contests, $1 games at a time.

I start building out my team with the quarterback, just like Levi taught me. And if you’re spending cash on a quarterback it’s going to be Aaron Rodgers. Levi has good ideas. I then move to running backs where I give my pass-catching RB theory and utilize it by purchasing Danny Woodhead’s service.

I’m not always a fan of “stacking” players but with injures at receiver for the Packers, I’m taking a cheap James Jones. I also add a guy named Julio Jones, have you heard of him? On top of all my picks I also take into account the weather! On the east coast this week, there’s going to be a lot of rain which makes for sloppy football. With that knowledge I do my best to stay away from east coast games. But you can bet I’ll be monitoring the weather all week.

All that and more on this week’s edition of the SCFE Fantasy Football Podcast!

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