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Week 2 Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: It’s Never Too Early

Week 2 Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire
Photo Credit: Keith Allison

Welcome to the Week 2 Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire article.

Yeah, you read that right. It is Week 2 in a sport with 162 games and we are already pushing out waiver wire content. Now this a,rticle isn’t (entirely) being published because my superiors here at SCFE are telling me to; you can definitely identify waiver wire gems even after just one week of action.

Now, I am sure you all know the drill with these types of articles. It is crucial to get those un-owned gems in your Fantasy leagues. For example, we had Ryan Zimmerman last year. He was a player who produced like a first round pick and only cost you a waiver wire slot. That’s pretty nice. I also guarantee you that more champions owned Zimmerman than other first round picks such as Bryce Harper. However, I also guarantee that I am too lazy to look that up to be sure. Just trust me.

Predicting waiver wire studs is definitely not an exact science, even for geniuses like me here with the So-Called Fantasy Experts. I will likely get most of my picks right and then look at the one pick that I nailed (if not only due to the sheer volume of the picks that I make) and proclaim myself as the #1 Fantasy Baseball expert in the game. It is even harder when you try and predict these picks after one week of action.

However, I am going to give it my best shot. I actually have been quite good at identifying sleepers in the past (yes, I am that guy who actually picked Ryan Zimmerman in a lot of my leagues), so your chances going with me are just as good as they are with listening to anyone else. At the end of this year, we can all look back at this article and either laugh off how stupid these picks were or marvel at my awesomeness. Probably the latter. Anyway, this intro is probably satisfactory by now, so let’s hop into the picks.

Week 2 Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire

Brian Anderson, 3B, Miami Marlins (29.6% owned)

The Marlins kinda suck. Okay, they totally suck. However, this actually was music to my ears for one reason in my main dynasty league that I play in. That reason is that Brian Anderson was slated for plenty of playing time.

I always had faith in him as a hitter, but what he has done to open the season has even surpassed my expectations. As of Sunday the 9th, he is slashing .286/.419/.457 with seven runs scored and eight RBI. Many people have caught on to Anderson early on in the season as evidenced by his increasing ownership rates, but make sure you get your hands on him before it’s too late.

Jake Junis, SP, Kansas City Royals (31.8% owned)

So is Jake Junis good now too? A player with relatively low expectations coming into the year, Junis has opened the year with 14 consecutive scoreless innings with only four combined hits allowed. The strikeouts are low and he definitely can’t keep up this level of play, but who’s to say that he can’t become this year’s version of Jason Vargas? I would pick him up now while you can and keep him for his next few starts before fully making a decision on him, but he could be a very useful pitcher for your Fantasy team.

Shohei Ota  Jonathan Villar, 2B, Milwaukee Brewers (25.9% owned)

This one is a bit of a longshot. Jonathan Villar just a year before last was one of the better middle infielders in all of Fantasy. Now, he is only owned in a quarter of leagues. What happened? Well, let’s hope that Villar has the answer to that question.

He has started off the year batting .294, which isn’t amazing, but if he can keep that up along with the steals that he provides as well as the runs he will produce if he works his way into the top of the Brewers order, then he could be a really good player for your team. I honestly don’t know why more people aren’t keeping an eye on him. If he even is half the player this year that he was two years ago, then he is still a guy that should be owned in 100% of leagues. I would pick him up right now just in case, and he could possibly be a league winner. It is hard to find that kind of upside on the waiver wire, but Villar has it.

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