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Week 2 Fantasy Football Stock Watch: Rookie Running Backs Rise

week 1 fantasy football stock watch
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Week 1 is in the books and it was one of the lowest scoring first weeks in a long time. This may leave owners questioning their draft picks and life choices after just one week. For me, my choice to start Russell Wilson left me pondering the deeper meanings of life for quite some time.

This, though, was just the first week of a long season and some of these performances are clear indicators of the future, good or bad.

Then there are those games that are nothing more than a one week blunder. Here are the players whose stocks are going up, down, or staying exactly where they should be.

Week 2 Fantasy Football Stock Watch


Stock Up

Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys

Prescott did not have the best numbers, just 268 passing yards, and one touchdown. However, his command of the offense should have given Fantasy owners everywhere hope that this season will be a step forward.

Owners may have been worried that he would have suffered from a dreaded sophomore slump, and while Prescott did not score many points, he did command the offense very well. The playbook seems to have opened up for him, and he easily handled the best defense in his division.

The numbers will only get better for Prescott as the season progresses.

Stock Down

Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals

The Red Rifle looked more like a water pistol against the rugged Baltimore Ravens defense. He did not have command of his passes and just looked lost. Owners should not worry about the turnovers, those will be gone soon. But, so will Dalton’s starting job, drop him and move on.

This will be AJ. McCarron’s team sooner rather than later.

Tom Brady, New England Patriots

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When Julian Edelman went down a few years ago, my friend laughed at me for saying that even Rob Gronkowski was not more important to the offense than Edelman.

Brady often looked lost without his favorite receiver in Week 1. He was not on the same page with Brandin Cooks, and Malcolm Mitchell is now on IR. Brady will obviously light up the New Orleans Saints’ defense. After all, Sam Bradford could drive down the field with ease against them.

After this week, sell high on Brady, well as high as his 2017 will be. This offense is not the same without Edelman and neither is Brady.

Staying The Same

Sam Bradford, Minnesota Vikings/Alex Smith, Kansas City Chiefs/Jared Goff, Los Angeles Rams

All three fall into the category of right place at the right time. Bradford feasted on a defense that still is one of the worst in the league. Smith was the benefactor of a Dont’a Hightower injury and a New England defense that was not ready to play. Goff was fortunate to play the Indianapolis Colts who are more of a CFL team than an NFL franchise at this point.

Do not have any knee jerk reactions as these three should stay on the waiver or as your QB2 until they can prove this is a trend, not a Week 1 wonder.


Running Back

Stock Up

Tarik Cohen, Chicago Bears

I was worried that defenses would be able to key in on Jordan Howard due to the lack of weapons on the Bears’ offense.

Now Howard owners should be worried about Cohen taking a serious chunk of his touches after exploding onto the scene. Cohen had 66 yards on five carries, eight catches for 47 yards and one touchdown.

He took advantage of his touches and this situation could evolve into something along the lines of DeVonte Freeman and Tevin Coleman last season. Both players will get their touches and Cohen will be a sneaky good waiver pickup and flex start.

Dalvin Cook, Minnesota Vikings

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If the Minnesota Vikings were hoping for one thing in the off season, it would be that the offensive line could open running lanes. Against the Saints, they did just that and Cook ran for 127 yards. That had to feel good with Adrian Peterson on the sidelines for most of the game.

Bradford did enough in the passing game to make sure defenses did not crowd the line of scrimmage. This was only one game but for owners, this was the best case scenario as Cook took complete control of the starting job and the offensive line was infinitely better than it was in 2016.

Kareem Hunt, Kansas City Chiefs

Hunt fumbled on his first NFL carry and you could just sense that this was going to be a game where the Patriots dominated the game.

Instead, Hunt rebounded from his early blunder and easily ran through the Pats and caught a very impressive deep ball from Alex Smith. I have my Game of Thrones shame bell out for owners who did not start him, and for those who are doubting the legitimacy of his record 246 total yards.

Stock Down

Every Saints Running Back

I was laughing during every Saints series as Sean Peyton put in whichever running back he felt like, for seemingly no rhyme or reason. It reminded me a lot of the South Park cable episode. Oh, you are at the goal line and want Adrian Peterson to run it?

Rookie Alvin Kamara had the most carries with seven. SEVEN?!?!

This is a mess and owners need to bail as soon as possible.


Wide Receiver

Stock Up

Chris Hogan, New England Patriots

Hogan had one catch for eight yards so naturally, his stock is on the rise. Wait, that does not sound right.

Yes, I know Hogan did not impress in any fashion but this is a one week boost because of the situation. Edelman, Mitchell, and possibly Danny Amendola will be out. Hogan is the only trusted receiver Brady has (not counting Rob Gronkowski).

Hogan will impress against the Saints and then fade back into obscurity. Adjust accordingly.

Cooper Kupp, Los Angeles Rams

Kupp has the grit, deceptive speed, motor, and hands to be a great receiver. That is a parody for those who get the joke.

But seriously, Kupp is a perfect compliment to Sammy Watkins’ speed, and Goff appears to be on the rise in his second season. Goff will never light up the score board but Kupp will be a great deep pickup in larger leagues.

Kenny Golladay, Detroit Lions

Golladay falls into the Kupp category of deep pickups, but even in smaller leagues. A Week 1 line of four catches for 69 yards and two touchdowns warrants a bench spot and stash.

Stock Down

A.J. Green, Cincinnati Bengals

Nothing against Green, but Andy Dalton is driving down his value. I would demote Green just a little in your lineup until Dalton composes himself or McCarron takes the starting job.


Tight End

Staying The Same


If there was ever a week for a whole position to want to hide, this would the week. Austin Hooper was the top scoring tight end, in standard scoring. Does that tell you something?

Take away one busted coverage and all of a sudden his 18 points seem very pedestrian. Jesse James had a few short touchdown catches but did little to nothing else. This week is a wash for tight ends, nothing can really be had from making a move. Stick with your tight end for one more week and we will revisit them all next week.



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