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We had mixed results in my Week 9 Tight End Rankings Reaction, as we tried to find a stud among duds and a dud among studs. Ben Roethlisberger had tunnel vision and looked at Antonio Brown so often I thought maybe they only had one receiver in the game. That by itself crushed my man Heath Miller. Let’s look a bit closer as to how things unfolded last week.

Last week I thought Heath Miller would be a lock for a huge day, but I did not anticipate Antonio Brown’s 23 targets! This is an absurd amount of targets and it stifled the potential for the other receivers to have a big game. Indeed it was a shootout as I said it would be (38-35), but Miller was targeted half the number of times as the week before (13 down to 7). As a result, he under performed and it stunk. I played Miller in DFS searching for a million dollars (at least I put my money where my mouth is) and he hurt me bad.

Gary Barnidge under performed like I promised and the key factors when predicting this were Johnny Manziel and Cincinnati’s defense versus tight ends. Both contributed to a bad week for our surprise TE but do not be discouraged, the production will return.

I have great hope for us this week and plan to go two for two. In Week 10, the So-Called Fantasy Experts nailed their ranking of Gary Barnidge at No. 5 as I believe he will bounce back and become the producer he has been throughout the year. Unfortunately, I think my guy Martellus Bennett will struggle a lot this week vs. the St. Louis Rams.

Let’s dig in and figure out why I have chosen these two tight ends as Who I like More and one Who I like Less. Ready for some Tight End Rankings Reaction? Here we go!

Week 10 Tight End Rankings Reaction


Who I Like More

Gary Barnidge, Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers

I hinted a couple of weeks back that I would be getting on the Barnidge bandwagon in the near future and the wagon has arrived! He is facing the Steelers who have been quite weak versus tight ends this season. In nine games this season, the Steelers have given up a robust seven touchdowns and are allowing more than five catches per game to TEs. That is a formula for solid output from your TE.

The other important factor in predicting Gary’s success is the potential return of our buddy Josh McCown. McCown will not hesitate to check down to Barnidge rather than tuck it and run, which will help Barnidge’s stats. Expect him to be targeted about 10 times and catch seven of them and hopefully produce in the neighborhood of 80 yards and a TD. Vegas has this total quite low at 41, but that will not discourage me. Let’s hope for some Barnidge time production this week!

Who I Like Less


Martellus Bennett, Chicago Bears at St. Louis Rams

Oh boy! Bennett is the eighth ranked TE in the So-Called Fantasy Experts’ Week 10 tight end rankings. This one makes me real nervous as a Fantasy Football writer and a Chicago Bears fan. We all know Jay Cutler is prone to throwing interceptions and has the tendency to get happy feet and throw off his back foot. Enter the St. Louis Rams who suffocate tight ends and have done so all season. In eight games, they have given up 415 yards on 42 receptions and a TD. Not good if you are trotting Bennett out in your lineups.

Let’s go even deeper, shall we? The Rams have given up five passing touchdowns, while intercepting their opponents six times. This is absolutely brutal and please keep in mind that Cutler will be under pressure a lot with a sub-par offensive line. I understand you cannot bench Bennett, but temper your expectations and avoid him in DFS.


It was easier in this weeks tight end rankings reaction to identify Who I like More and Who I Like Less. Let’s hope things pan out the way they are supposed to and for nothing strange to occur. Good luck and may you have a lot of Barnidge time production!

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