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Week 11 DFS Picks: The Wins Of My Father

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With Thanksgiving less than a week away, I want to give thanks to my father for introducing me to football.

The funny part is that statement likely conjures up a very different image than people might imagine. After all, I don’t think my father even touched a football until he was in his 20s. Neither he nor I grew up in the many pockets of America where football is king like Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania and so forth. Heck, my father never even went to a football game as a kid, unless you count “futbol”, aka soccer. He had no game rituals. There was no well worn jersey my mom had to be careful how she washed. I don’t think he ever tailgated in his life. And unlike his son, my father never scheduled his weekend around watching the game.

However, my father enjoyed football on Sundays. And I might be wrong, but I suspect he always enjoyed watching football with me more than watching with anyone else. I couldn’t barely ride a tricycle when my father first invited me to join him on the couch to watch.  And as he liked to joke years later, he didn’t know at the time that he had created Frankenstein’s monster.

Outside of my family, there might be nothing that I love more than football. My father passed away almost twenty years ago, but my love for football has never waived. In fact, knowing that football was one of the first things he shared with me might explain why I love football so much.

Which is why I follow football like I do and that of course includes DFS. Here are my GPP DFS picks for this week.

Week 11 DFS Picks

Had I bothered to write this earlier in the week, I would have told you to invest in Aaron Jones whom I have in a number of my complete slate rosters. Of course, you no longer can select him and likely can’t choose from the Monday Night Football game either. For the record, I love that game from a fantasy perspective and have tons of shares in that game. However, for now, we will just focus on the Sunday slate only.

QB: Josh Rosen, Cardinals (DK $4800, FD $7500)

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So I was looking at the rosters I built already and the only QB I have that is not Aaron Rodgers or one of the MNF quarterbacks is Josh Rosen. Yes, it’s aggressive and likely contrarian. But is it? The Raiders made Nick Mullens look like Joe Montana and now they are facing Rosen who comes in with an even higher pedigree. This feels like a good week not to invest your salary in a quarterback, so I am definitely saving money with the Rosen pick, especially on DraftKings. Plus, there is something that would definitely make my father smile about a Jewish quarterback!

RB: Dave Johnson, Cardinals ($7500, $7900)

Of course Rosen might not even be the best Cardinal value on the board. While expensive, both sites have Dave Johnson priced below $8K making him an absolute steal. Johnson is coming off his best game of the year racking up more than 30 fantasy points against Kansas City. It was against Kansas City so let’s not get too excited just yet. However, ever since Byron Lefwich took over as Arizona’s OC in week 8, Johnson has seen more touches than he did at the start of the season. At that price, I’ve got Johnson in nearly every lineup. He’s definitely on the rise.

RB: Saquon Barkley, Giants ($8700, $8800)

Barkley meanwhile has seen his fantasy production drop each of the last four weeks. And he remains one of the most expensive backs on the board. I don’t care, I’m still buying. Outside of Todd Gurley, is there any RB who is a better lock to give you double digit fantasy points this year? I’ll answer it, the answer is “no”..

WR: Michael Crabtree, Ravens ($4800, $5800)

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I really want to include Josh Reynolds here, who I have liked since the preseason.  With the Rams likely to implement a lot of 3-WR sets against the high scoring Chiefs and Kupp now out, I expect Reynolds to shine this week. However, that’s part of the MNF game, and we need to save some money still. Well, I’m going to go with the Ravens passing attack which suddenly seems to be grounded. However, Cincinnati is strong against the run and I believe Harbs & Co. are smart enough to know that there is no way the Ravens will win this must-win game without getting their pass-catchers involved. Cincy has been the third most generous defense in giving up fantasy points to opposing wide receivers. Crabtree seems like a great way to save a little money.

WR: Larry Fitzgerald ($5600, $5900)

Surprise, I’m stacking the Cards.

WR: Alshon Jeffery, Eagles ($6300, $7300)

Despite Golden Tate making his City of Brotherly Love debut in week 8, Jeffrey still saw the most targets of any Philly receiver since Tate arrived. But I’m not worried about who gets the most targets as this game features an O/U of 56 points. Against New Orleans most generous secondary, Alshon will get his either way.

TE: Ricky Seals-Jones, Cardinals ($2900, $5200)

Whaddaya know, more Cardinals! But I love saving salary at TE, especially when I like both the floor and ceiling of my player of choice. RSJ saw nine targets last week and averaged over ten yards per catch last week.  RSJ had nine catches against the tough secondaries of the Vikes and Rams. Can you imagine what he might do to the Raiders?

DST Arizona Cardinals ($3100, $4000)

What? Did you think I was going to suggest Jacksonville? Of course with the putridity of the Raiders, we are going with the heavy Cards stack! However, my father loved to be a contrarian and Jacksonville makes for an interesting contrarian pick. The Steelers have averaged less than 17 points per game in their history with the Jags. And even in their last win against Jacksonville back in 2014, Pittsburgh still only managed 17 points. But my father never played DFS and I’m going with the safety of Arizona this week.

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