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Welcome to the Week 11 Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire Targets article.  If 2015 hasn’t been kind to your Fantasy Basketball team, there may be some waiver wire targets to help your 2016 be better.

There will be a few things to look forward to in the NBA for the new year.  The Kobe Bryant farewell tour will continue, and fantasy owners will hope that Kobe’s production stays high, after turning around his abysmal start to the season.

The biggest bust of the 2015-2016 season, Ty Lawson, has actually showed some promise over the last few games after serving his suspension for his DUI arrest earlier this year.  Whether or not this is just a hot shooting streak or something more remains to be seen.

Playing time rules all in Fantasy Basketball, and the players who receive the most get the biggest opportunity to contribute.  Make sure you keep track of who is getting minutes increased, as well as who is having them taken away, because this can give you the edge on waiver wire transactions.

We have a nice mix of league veterans and newcomers for the waiver wire targets this week, and all should be available in the majority of leagues.


Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire Targets


J.J. Barea, PG, Dallas Mavericks (28 Percent Owned)

It’s basically been a carousel of point guards for the Dallas Mavericks, but their backcourt got one head shorter as Deron Williams went down with an injury recently.  Raymond Felton remains, but until Williams returns, it’s Barea’s job to lose.  What is great about Barea is that he will not only contribute in scoring and assists, but he is a candidate for solid defensive numbers as well.

Over his last four games, Barea has averaged just below 25 points per game.  He might not stay this hot during his tenure as starting point guard, but it is certainly promising to prospective owners.  He has supplemented his scoring with around eight assists during that same timeframe.

Gary Harris, SG, Denver Nuggets (10.1 Percent)

The Nugget’s young shooting guard has been living up to his promise over the last few weeks.  However, while he may be a second-year player, he is still showing some rookie growing pains.  He has earned a fair amount of playing time, and as the season progresses he may even out.  He is still absolutely worth the look, because when on, Harris is a big-time fantasy producer.

His last three games have been his most productive outings of late, averaging over 15 points per game over that span.  He has also chipped in over four rebounds, two assists and two steals.  As you can see from his numbers, he can help your team in a multitude of statistics.

Evan Turner, SG/SF, Boston Celtics (30.4 Percent)

It’s a little surprising to see Turner on this list, as most fans would think Turner should be owned already.  He has always been a scoring threat, and has the ability to fill up the rest of the stats on any given night.  Nonetheless, it’s been up and down for Turner this season, but lately he has been going up.

Turner has been averaging over 17 points, four rebounds and four assists over his last three games.  It’s no coincidence that these numbers have risen with his minutes, but look for Turner to continue swinging up over the next few weeks.

John Henson, PF/C, Milwaukee Bucks (9.7 Percent)

There’s nothing sexy about John Henson’s stats, but when given the chance, he continues to contribute.  Thus far into his career, we’ve seen Henson rebound and defend as well as most in the league, but his offensive deficiencies have limited his playing time.  Even so, when he sees time on the court, he can help a team with their rare stats, like blocks and rebounds.

Over his last four games, he has a little over seven points per game.  In that same span, he averages over four blocks and rebounds.  You will be hard-pressed to find any player who can put up those numbers for blocks, so if your team can take the hit at points, Henson could be a good addition.

Frank Kaminsky III, PF/C, Charlotte Hornets (8.4 Percent)

Counterpart Cody Zeller is also worth looking at, as both big men will see more time due to Al Jefferson’s injury.  The reason I included Kaminsky over Zeller is his propensity for putting up points, and his potential contributions later on in the season.  The rookie looks like the real deal, despite his rookie season bumps along the way.  He is widely available, and is still flying under the radar.

Kaminsky has scored over double digits in four of his last five games, while putting up more than 20 in two of those matches.  He only grabs about five rebounds a night, but could improve those numbers as he gets more accustomed to the NBA level.

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