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Consider the first part of the season behind you – the first 10 weeks of the season. Now you’re entering the Fantasy playoffs stretch! Our Week 11 Fantasy Football rankings will help you for this week, but there are a couple more weeks after that in order to lock in a bye, or just a playoff spot.

Strategy changes just a little bit as we go forward.

Bye weeks are nearly over (four teams off this week and two more off in Week 13), which means there are 26 teams full of players you won’t have to replace.

It’s time to start making some strategic decisions that affect your ability to reach the playoffs.

For instance, if your starting quarterback is past his bye week – maybe it’s time to bail on your backup quarterback and pick up a Fantasy defense with great matchups in the playoffs.

And what about the matchups at other positions going forward – can you pick up the Patriots defense? They have the best Fantasy strength of schedule going forward, with games against the 49ers, Rams and Ravens, all ranking among the worst offenses, along with TWO games against the Jets. (Their Week 16 game is in Foxboro against the Jets, who rank as the offense that gives up the most Fantasy points to defenses.)

Are you desperate for a roster spot for another position, and you own Terrelle Pryor? He faces a tough schedule going forward, plus a Week 13 bye week – so trade him now, if you’re still under the deadline.

Check your waiver wire for players coming off their Week 10 byes that other teams might have been forced to cut to make room for players in their lineup, like Tyrod Taylor, Theo Riddick, DeAndre Washington, Mike Gillislee,  Jack Doyle, Adam Vinatieri, Bills defense and Lions defense.

SCFE’s Staff Week 11 Fantasy Football Rankings

The “So-Called Fantasy Experts” shared their Week 11 Fantasy Football Rankings, so get out there and lock down a Fantasy playoffs spot!

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