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2017 Fantasy Football Player Analysis

Week 11 Target Watch: DeAndre Hopkins Is Match-up Proof

week 11 target watch
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Week 11 was the last week with teams on a bye, so four teams did not play this week. However, the Week 11 targets were still on par with Week 10. Fifteen players had double-digit targets, compared to 16 in Week 10. Week 12 should show an uptick in this, as all 32 teams are playing.

Fantasy owners are getting down to the wire when it comes to needing to win. The playoffs are right around the corner, and sometimes tough line-up decisions need to be made. One stat to look at is targets. This is often overlooked but is so important in both real-life and fantasy football.

When a player is targeted, this is often because they are a large part of the offensive game plan. Sometimes this is the result of other players being out or injured, but sometimes it also is because certain players are just becoming more involved.

As the playoffs near, check the waiver wire not just for projected points, but for targets. Sort the list of available receivers by targets and you may be surprised who might be available.

Please note none of the charts below show total receptions, total fantasy points or touchdowns. The sole purpose of this analysis is to look at targets.

Week 11 Target Watch

Each week I will be reviewing the targets for the past week, the season and even digging deeper by running back and tight end. I will also be analyzing any trends I find along the way.

Week 11 Double-Digit Targets

Player Team Targets
Travis Kelce Kansas City Chiefs 14
Dez Bryant Dallas Cowboys 14
Antonio Brown Pittsburgh Steelers 13
Keenan Allen Los Angeles Chargers 13
Corey Coleman Cleveland Browns 11
Michael Crabtree Oakland Raiders 11
Robert Woods * Los Angeles Rams 11
Jimmy Graham Seattle Seahawks 11
Le’Veon Bell Pittsburgh Steelers 11
Michael Thomas * New Orleans Saints 11
Jarvis Landry * Miami Dolphins 11
Julio Jones Atlanta Falcons 10
Larry Fitzgerald * Arizona Cardinals 10
Davante Adams Green Bay Packers 10
Mike Evans Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10


DeAndre Hopkins, shadowed by Patrick Peterson in Week 11, fell off the double-digit target list this week. Travis Kelce and Dez Bryant both had 14 targets, leading the way for Week 11. This is actually a low number for the target leaders. Typically the players with the most targets have 15 or more targets per game.

Corey Coleman, in his first game back from injury, had 11 targets. He had a tough match-up against the Jacksonville Jaguars and was still heavily targeted. While it is possible that Josh Gordon returns this season, until that happens, Coleman should not only be owned in all formats but also started in Week 12.


Top 10 Target Leaders

Player Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Total
DeAndre Hopkins, HOU 12 4 BYE 11 16 14 9 115
Antonio Brown, PIT 19 10 10 10 BYE 7 13 114
Jarvis Landry, MIA 10 14 11 12 7 10 11 108
Larry Fitzgerald, ARI 10 11 3 BYE 9 14 10 98
Dez Bryant, DAL 8 BYE 10 6 11 8 14 97
Adam Thielen, MIN 8 13 12 10 BYE 12 9 96
Michael Thomas, NE BYE 6 11 8 11 10 11 94
Keenan Allen, LAC 12 9 7 5 BYE 7 13 93
Demaryius Thomas, DEN BYE 14 6 9 12 8 9 88
Julio Jones, ATL BYE 7 13 6 12 8 10 86
Doug Baldwin, SEA 8 BYE 12 10 12 6 6 85


As predicted, Christian McCaffrey dropped off this list, due to the Carolina Panthers being on a bye in Week 11. Julio Jones took his place with an additional 10 targets in Week 11. He should continue to see plenty of targets as the season goes on. Fantasy owners have been disappointed with Jones overall this year. He only has one touchdown, although he has plenty of almost-touchdowns.

The rest of the list is not surprising, with DeAndre Hopkins proving that he is a top wideout, regardless of match-up. He had nine targets in Week 11 and he caught four of them for 76 yards and a touchdown. He’s excelled, not only regardless of match-up, but regardless of the quarterback. Tom Savage isn’t a great quarterback, but he hasn’t cut into Hopkins’ value that much.


Top Tight End Targets In Week 11

Travis Kelce Kansas City Chiefs 14
Jimmy Graham * Seattle Seahawks 11
Delanie Walker * Tennessee Titans 9
Jesse James Pittsburgh Steelers 8
Kyle Rudolph Minnesota Vikings 7
Eric Ebron Detroit Lions 7


In looking at the list of tight ends with targets in Week 11, Kelce is not a surprise. However, Jesse James and Eric Ebron are new additions to this list. James got the start with Vance McDonald out, but this isn’t someone to go out and grab. Ebron had seven targets in Week 11, but he only had four in Week 12. He can be left alone for fantasy purposes for the rest of the season.


Top Running Back Targets In Week 11

Le’Veon Bell Pittsburgh Steelers 11
Alvin Kamara New Orleans Saints 9
Jerick McKinnon Minnesota Vikings 7
Alex Collins Baltimore Ravens 7


The running back list is short from Week 11, which only a few players with a high number of targets. An additional nine running backs had six targets. Out of the top targets, Bell is not a surprise. Alvin Kamara has come on as a viable RB2 in all formats each week. While he does have more value in PPR, he still is a solid option in standard formats.

Alex Collins surprisingly saw seven targets in Week 11 with Danny Woodhead back. That target share will likely shift as Woodhead gets healthier. He had limited snaps in Week 11, but he’s the passing downs back. Collins has proven himself as a solid running back, and the lead back for the team, but he’s not going to have as much involvement in the passing game moving forward.


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