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Not since someone shot JR have I heard so much about Dallas. Thus the timing was perfect last weekend when I got to watch live as Dak Prescott, the ultimate deep league dynasty player savior this year, had one of his best games yet.

I was impressed with both Prescott and the enormity of AT&T stadium, but what really stands out is something that may get me in hot water with the Giants, Eagles, and Washington fans that live around me: Dallas fans far surpassed my expectations, and in a very positive manner.

My impression of Dallas fans stemmed from the early to mid-90s when there seemed to be a lot of people who jumped onto the Cowboys bandwagon. Not only were there very few true fans, but most were arrogant blowhards who didn’t know Bill Bates from Billy Batts. Well, that impression has been blown to smithereens.

As Dallas rolled to 9-1 and picked up another victory at the expense of my team, I expected to exit the stadium awash in a gloating sea. Quite the opposite. Whether it was a man or woman, black or white, young or old, the overall sentiment was quite sporting. As both hugs and handshakes were given from perfect strangers, the expression “Good Game” was repeatedly offered.

A number of lean years might have humbled some of the Cowboy faithful. Or it could be that my team gave them a good fight. But I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. And that ties into my column of course this week with trade deadlines coming soon in many dynasty leagues. You’ll want to continue to put up a good fight but avoid any lean years, so now might be the last time to get your hands on some of my deep league dynasty player recommendations.

Deep League Dynasty Player Recommendations


What kind of players are we talking about?

If you can get your hands on a Dak Prescott or an Ezekiel Elliott, you should do so by all means. But they would be tough to get in a shallow dynasty league, let alone a deep league. Here’s the criteria:

First off, we are dismissing all but the youngest of players. Sure, Antonio Brown is a nice centerpiece of a dynasty team but at 28 years of age we’re dismissing him. Plus, you’d be unable to secure him easily in a dynasty league anyway.

Secondly, the player cannot be a Top 100 player, which immediately discounts players like Mr. Prescott.

Therefore, let’s start with a player who plays for that other team in Texas….


Deep League Dynasty Player Recommendations-TE

Stephen Anderson, Houston Texans


This is definitely a deep selection. When I told my buddy who plays in two 14-team leagues to look out for Stephen Anderson his reaction was “Who?” But the Texans absolutely love this kid. He’s under the radar because he suffered a hamstring injury during the third week of September. But he’s now healthy again and starting to see targets, like he did last week against Jacksonville when he caught his first touchdown.

Unlike many of the other names on here, Anderson might actually be available in your free agent pool. I would seriously consider picking him up, as previously advised. But let’s stay with Texans and focus on a player who is probably not available in your deeper dynasty leagues….


Deep League Dynasty Player Recommendations-WR

Braxton Miller, Houston Texans

Miller scored his first touchdown Monday night.

It will not be his last.

It’s no secret that I am not a Will Fuller fan. Much of that is because I think Braxton Miller has a much higher dynasty value. Fuller is a speed demon, but that’s about it. Many questioned Fuller’s hands coming into the season. I don’t really care if his hands are only 8.5 inches compared to the 9.5 inches that scouts prefer.

What does jump out at me, however, is that Fuller leads all rookie wide receivers in drops. Of course some of that has to do with seeing more targets than most rookie WRs, but it is worth noting that Braxton Miller’s drop percentage is nine points better than Fuller’s.

Miller was one of the combine’s top performer’s in the shuttle runs and 3-cone drills. It is that elusiveness and the ability to make YAC (yards after the catch) that I love my wide receivers to have.

But don’t just take my word for it. Check out his hands and elusiveness for yourself:


Miller, however, is not the only dynasty player who I like who started lower down the depth chart….


Deep League Dynasty Player Recommendations-RB

Alex Collins, Seattle Seahawks


One of the reasons I didn’t like Alex Collins as much to start the season was the log jam in the Seattle backfield. Well, one of those logs, Christine Michael, was sent down the river and is now a Green Bay Packer. And Marshawn Lynch is happy to be a pitchman. That leaves only Thomas Rawls and C.J. Prosise in front of Collins.

Rawls can be a beast, but he struggles with consistency. He’ll rush for 169 yards but then follow that up with a game of only eight yards like he did last year. Prosise is a converted WR who has tons of upside especially in PPR leagues, but he is not a true workhorse back and now has a fractured scapula.

Alex Collins, meanwhile, is more of workhorse back finishing his senior season last year with over 1,500 yards at Arkansas, finishing second in rushing yards in school history behind only Darren McFadden. Don’t be surprised if he’s the Seattle running back to own next year.


Deep League Dynasty Player Recommendations-QB

Paxton Lynch, Denver Broncos

Lynch has faded into the background as Dak Prescott has excelled, Jared Goff got his first start this past week, and even other rookie QBs like Carson Wentz have shown incredible promise.

But Lynch was drafted in the first round for a reason and I still expect him to be well worth the stash on your dynasty roster.


First off, he had 50 passing TDs his last two years in college. But it’s not just his arm, as he has incredibly good feet as well. Skip to the one minute mark of this video from the Rams to see a quick example:


Okay, confession time…while I like Lynch, I wanted to get Jordan Taylor in here. Lynch’s first TD was to Jordan Taylor and I think the two of them might be making a lot of noise in 2017 and beyond. With Demaryius Thomas averaging less than 70 yards a game and set to make eight figures in 2018, don’t be surprised if the Broncos start looking for his replacement. I am really looking at Taylor as a late sleeper pick for next year, whether it is because of his hands….


Or his feet…


Either way, he is definitely one of my deep league dynasty player recommendations you need to seriously consider.


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