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Thanksgiving has come and gone. Hopefully so has the majority of your Thanksgiving intake. My Week 12 DFS Lineup has enjoyed it’s morning after Thanksgiving coffee and is feeling lean, mean and ready to cash. We did well last week, labeling Kirk Cousins as our poster boy. (Side note: Kirk Cousins could conceivably be the poster boy for numerous things, including but not limited to: Cat sweatshirts, Bible Camp, Invisalign, eHarmony and any country club anywhere. If Russell Wilson had a baby with himself it would come out as Kirk Cousins.

There are only two games in Week 12 with a projected point total of more than 48. Arizona at Atlanta has the highest projected total (50.5) while Carolina at Oakland comes in at number two with 49.5. Within just these two contests there are a number of strong DFS options. Carson Palmer has been dreadful lately, leading redheads nation wide to once again begin the debate as to whether or not he’s a ginger. Palmer has been bad but his price has dropped like the useless products Amazon tries to sell us on Cyber Monday.

Larry Fitzgerald should reap some of the benefits Palmer may bring this weekend, especially in the PPR format on DraftKings. Amari Cooper will most likely have a high ownership percentage on both FanDuel and DraftKings but with Julio Jones matched up against Patrick Peterson, Cooper could realistically finish as the No. 1 WR this week.

The two studs from these two games are David Johnson and Derek Carr. Johnson is a no questions asked, must play on both DraftKings and FanDuel. He has perhaps the highest ceiling and floor week in and week out of any RB in DFS. Lock him into your lineups by any means necessary. Carr isn’t a no-brainer but at his price, especially on DraftKings, he’s beginning to enter that territory. Just like watermelon has become a fan favorite at summer BBQs because of its mouth watering goodness, Carr’s stats in 2016 are filled with DFS goodness. (Weird analogy, right?)

Whoever you decide to roll with in your Week 12 DFS Lineup, remember there are holidays right around the corner and people are going to expect gifts from you, good gifts. If you have money to play DFS, then socks from Target, a box of chocolates from Walmart and a night of lovin’ coupon book are no longer going to cut it. Step it up this year.

Week 12 DFS Lineup Suggestions

Week 12 DFS Lineup Number One: DraftKings – Cash Games












The Seahawks backfield has been a roller coaster all season and the last man standing is Thomas Rawls. Seattle should have no problem moving the ball against the Tampa Bay so-called defense.

DeVante Parker might just be what the Dolphins thought he was before he wasn’t (what?). Parker has stepped his game up as of late and looks like he may take over the No. 1 WR spot on the team before the year is over. My old DFS pal Jarvis Landry is not pleased.

It’s time for me to admit I was wrong about Doug Baldwin being a No. 1 WR. I’m not going to admit it, but I should. But I won’t.

The tight end position is weak sauce this week and Greg Olsen stands out as one of the only reliable options with a high upside. Oakland isn’t the 5 Hour Energy boost for tight ends that it was in 2015 but they still have holes on defense big enough for Olsen to take advantage of.

Coby Fleener was cheap. The Saints are at home, on turf. Oh, and the Rams aren’t very good.

The Titans are facing the Bears with no Alshon Jeffrey, Zach Miller or Jay Cutler. It’s going to be a blood bath. For those of you who love Exotic Smashmouth, this game is going to be filled with rampant amounts of it. For those of you who don’t know what Exotic Smashmouth is, that was probably really awkward to read.


Week 12 DFS Lineup Number Two: DraftKings – Cash Games












The Panthers defense is a shell of what it was last season and suffered more key injuries last weekend. Not only is the secondary begging to be taken advantage of, the pass rush should be almost non existent Sunday. Carr will have plenty of time to drop Fantasy bombs all over. Give me all the Carr.

Before you stop reading, yes, Chris Ivory, seriously. The Jags inept offensive coordinator is no longer with the team and since his departure the run game has actually been a consideration. How savvy of your organization. T.J. Yeldon may sit this weekend. Ivory as the main back can certainly get us the 12-15 points we need.

Brandin Cooks needs to be in at least some of your lineups this weekend. The Saints are at home, on turf. Drew Brees to Cooks at home is too good to pass up. Cooks puts up elite level WR production in these scenarios.


Week 12 DFS Lineup Number One: FanDuel – Cash Games















I was out on DangeRuss several weeks ago but I’m once again drinking the bubble water kool-aid. Wilson looks to be fully healthy, as does Jimmy Graham. With Baldwin giving WR1 production, Wilson looks primed to continue to return value this weekend against the Bucs.

The name Lamar will forever be synonymous with Lamar Latrell but for at least this weekend, Lamar Miller is worthy of consideration. He’s underpriced on FanDuel and the matchup is conducive to me charging up my cash cannon in preparation for a celebration.


Week 12 DFS Lineup Number Two: FanDuel – Cash Games
















For those who like stacks on stacks on stacks, the Russell Wilson, Jimmy Graham and Doug Baldwin stack can conceivably be used in cash or tournaments.

Demaryius Thomas is primed for a big week, plus no one likes him so his ownership percentage should be low. Kansas City has been getting beat by WRs on the regular. That should continue.


Week 12 DFS Lineup Thoughts & Ramblings

I want to play Ajayi against San Fransisco, badly. His ownership percentage will be through the roof but rightfully so. The issue is the health of the offensive line. Reportedly up to three of the starters may miss this weekend’s game.

Doug Martin in tournaments. Yes, it’s Seattle but their defense has a number of injuries this week and if Tampa Bay is going to compete in this game, they’ll need to control the ball, which means using the Dougernaut.

The Patriots defense is not to be feared. As a New England fan, it’s painful for me to admit this truth but this is business, not pleasure. Matt Forte will most likely have a low ownership percentage but should see enough volume to potentially triple his price.

I cannot believe I am about to type the following sentence. You should consider playing Rex Burkhead in DraftKings this weekend. Jeremy Hill is extremely tempting at his price but the matchup is brutal. Baltimore’s run defense is legit. Burkhead may be used in a third down type role, which may have value in this matchup.

Rashad Jennings is actually a decent play this weekend. Gross.

I didn’t have enough salary left to play Drew Brees, although I would have liked to. If you can swing it, go for it.

Yes, Josh McCown, Corey Coleman and Gary Barnidge are viable tournament options.

People in the DFS industry are suggesting Ryan Tannehill is a solid value option at the QB position. People in the political industry suggested there was no conceivable way Donald Trump would win the presidential election. I’m off Tannehill, probably forever. Forever, ever? Yes.


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