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Week 12 DFS Picks: Special Thanksgiving Edition

Photo Credit: Greg Putrich

There will not be any regular weekly DFS picks article this week, but instead we will give you a special early Thanksgiving picks edition!

The Thanskgiving games typically give us one really good game, one upset, and one game where you wonder if a number of the players simply want to get off the field and to their own Thanksgiving feasts. Sometimes that’s all in one game! Sometimes its not.

Making picks for the Thanksgiving slate however I typically make my picks backwards. Usually I start with what stud players I want to choose or fade. However, with six and only six defenses to choose from on Thursday, I start there, and then look at my options at TE. I then look to see if there are any great values or sneaky plays, and then build out. If I have money left for studs, I will choose them. Otherwise, I go with what I can afford.

With the methodology out of the way, here are the picks and as you’ll see, they go in reverse order of what I usually do.

Thanksgiving Day Games GPP Picks

DST: Cowboys ($3200 DK, $4800 FD)

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Colt McCoy might easily light them up. But give me the team who seems to always win on Thanksgiving going against a player who has made exactly 25 starts.

TE: Trey Burton ($4000, $6400)

Tight Ends don’t typically have great performances on Thanksgiving. But with legendary players like Calvin Johnson or Emmit Smith, the TEs have often played secondary roles on those teams. Burton is a game-changer I’m grabbing and moving on.

WR: Kenny Golladay ($6400, $7200)

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You need to watch Babytron to play to really understand how good he is. I have, and despite his tough matchup, he might be the one player I have in every T-day lineup.

WR: Cole Beasley ($4200, $5300)

His drop last week was reprehensible. But one thing the NFL provides for however is redemption and I’ll take a player who is used to the Thanksgiving Day routine and has done well on Thanksgiving.

WR: Anthony Miller ($4400, $5600)

Don’t let last week fool you, Detroit can still be beat through the air. And I’ve praised Miller’s quickness before. I know I am going to need to save a little bit of salary and with Anthony Miller still under the radar, Miller is the pick.

RB: Mark Ingram ($8000, $7400)

Kamara will be the most popular choice, but I think Ingram has the better game. Sean Payton will likely slow the pace of the game down to keep Matt Ryan and the Falcons offense off the field.

RB: Adrian Peterson ($5100, $6700)

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I’m getting hungry just thinking about the turkey I’m gonna grill on Thursday. Because as we know, the stomach is calling the shots this week rather than the head. And my gut tells me to play AP this week. Who am I to argue?

RB: Tevin Coleman ($5600, $6500)

Coleman’s salary should have dropped. But this is ridiculous. And remember when I talked about surprises? There are a bunch of reasons why Coleman should NOT have a good day. But I think he does just enough to earn his salary including a touchdown.

QB: Mitch Trubisky ($5900 ,$7900)  Chase Daniel ($4400, $6,000)

So looking over this team, I have more pass catchers who play for the Windy City than anywhere else, so gotta go there for the stack, right? And originally, I had Trubisky in this space. Given what the former Wolverine (shout out to my brother-in-law as well as my Turkey Bowl team QB!) has done this season, it was a solid play. However, Trubisky might not start…


Chase Daniel inspires less confidence than Trubisky, but this is a great opportunity to zag when everyone else is zigging. A couple years ago, I recommended giving Chase Daniel a look-see. I still think Daniel has NFL-pedigree skills and I’m willing to bank on being right. Plus, I can always upgrade elsewhere with the salary I will save on Daniel. Worst case scenario, I allow the tryptophan to run it course from my grilled turkey and fall asleep dreaming of DFS victories of the past.

And on that note, I’m off to start preparing for Thursday. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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