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I am back after a week off and I am ready to feast on tight ends this week.  Last week, we saw the inconsistency at the tight end position.  Rob Gronkowski looked pedestrian while Tyler Eifert scored twice and showed us why he is one of the best.  The key to finding the right play this week is finding the correct match up.

I like the So Called Fantasy Experts Week 12 rankings because they have two of my favorite tight ends for the week in the top 5. However there is one player, who I am not happy with, who will give us all indigestion this week as he did last week. I love Jordan Reed this week as well as Delanie Walker but Rob Gronkowski makes me ill.

We are at a point in the season now when we need to be spot on with selecting our players to start  We are either looking to secure a top spot in the playoffs or needing to win out just to make the playoffs.  In either case, we are going to nail it this week like we did in my last article when I suggested it will be Barnidge time and of course it was and he did well.

Some of the factors that we will focus on are projected point totals for each game according to Vegas, opponent’s success versus the tight end position, health status among and the overall vibe the team is giving off at this point.

Let’s take a very close look at who I like more this week and who I like less which will surprise you.

Week 12 Tight End Rankings Reaction

Who I Like More

Delanie Walker, Tennessee Titans vs Oakland Raiders

Delanie Walker is not one of my favorite tight ends typically because he is so consistent he bores me.  He is the team leader with 53 catches and 617 yards but the touchdowns have been lacking as he has only scored three times.  That number will go up this week!

Walker is playing against a team who gives up an average of one touchdown per game to tight ends.  Walker is heavily targeted each week by Mariota and the other thing to consider here is that the wide receiver position for the Titans has been banged up, which can only bode well for Walker.  The total for this game is set at 44, which tells me there will be at least two touchdowns scored by the Titans this week.

I do not foresee it being on the ground in the form of a rushing touchdown.  I expect Mariota to throw at least two touchdowns and it is a lock for Walker to be the recipient of at least one of those.  I can see Walker finishing in double digits receptions, having 100 yards plus receiving and at least one touchdown.  I see now why the So Called Fantasy Experts ranked him No. 5, which may be too low after all is said and done.

Jordan Reed, Washington Redskins vs. New York Giants

Jordan Reed the No. 6 ranked tight end this week will be a stud.  Consider what he did last week against a stout defense in the Carolina Panthers.  He caught six passes for 46 which is a pretty good day in a ppr format.

Let us now consider who he is going up against this week. It is the team who gives up the second most points to tight ends!  One of the great things about the Redskins offense is that their wide receivers are absolutely nothing special so Reed is heavily focused on in this offense.  The last time Reed faced the Giants he did quite well finishing with six catches and 96 yards.  The total points scored in that game was 53 too.

If we can get to that number again we will see a monster game for Reed. The difference this time around will he that he scores at least one touchdown this week.

Who I Like Less


 Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots at Denver Broncos

Yes, I said it! Rob Gronkowski showed me last week that he is human as did his partner Tom Brady.   The eye test tells me that the offensive line for the Patriots blows. John Gruden commented over and over about the offense line shuffling in and out.  They cannot seem to find the right combination of players to protect Brady.  As a result, I think Gronk will be kept in a lot to keep Brady from getting killed against a great defense in the Denver Broncos.   Let’s focus on the injuries for the Patriots. Gronkowski was examined for a high ankle sprain during the game last week, which went unnoticed in my opinion.  He looked much less like himself as he seemed to drop ball after ball and was ineffective. Now, defenses are clearly going to love the absence of Edelman just like the Bills did.  They can focus all of their energy on Gronk and allow Amnedola and Lafell to beat them.   Brady is clearly uncomfortable and was yelling at both his offense and his offensive line last week.  The Broncos have a great blueprint to stop the Pats’ offense and have the personnel to do so, which is why Gronk wil give us gas this week!

I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and hope all of your players fill your stomachs but don’t give you gas.

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