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Joe Flacco torched the Miami Dolphins for 381 yards and four touchdowns. Well this proves that he is elite, scamper over to the waiver wire and pick him up.

Ok that may be a bit sarcastic, well that is 100% sarcastic. For those who have been following me for a few years, yes thank you for that mom, I have been an avid “hater” of Joe Flucco. Others saw an elite quarterback when he won the Super Bowl, I saw a player at the right place at the right time.

That is the most important skill in fantasy, see what others do not see.

People may see a great day from Flacco, I see a secondary that was simply lost for most of the game. At this time of the year being able to see through the facts and the fiction will either lead to a championship or an early playoff exit.

It never hurts to throw on the film as an owner and look at a stat line to see if it really is what the numbers say. For example, LeGarrette Blount had 88 yards and a touchdown. A fairly solid stat line, but take away his 43-yard touchdown and he had 45 yards on 17 carries.

That may not matter to most owners, points are points after all, but the minute details matter at this point in the season. With all that being said let’s take a look at the Week 13 Fantasy Football headlines.

Week 13 Fantasy Football Headlines

Yes or BS

Joe Flacco: 381 passing yards and four touchdowns.

If anyone looks at this game and thinks that Joe Flacco can be a solid option as the season comes to an end then you may be headed for an early playoff departure. Yes, he did torch the Miami Dolphins all day long but their secondary looked inept for all 60 minutes.

Steve Smith Sr., Mike Wallace, Dennis Pitta, and Breshard Perriman ran free all day long and Flacco benefited. Considering he had a whopping 11 touchdowns before this game, his four touchdowns should be taken with a grain of salt.

In no way can I take away this game from Flacco, but it was just that one game. He will regress back to what he had done for the whole season prior to this week. Oh and just for those wondering last week the Dolphins gave up nearly 300 yards and three touchdowns to Colin Kaepernick. Just saying.

Drew Brees: 326 passing yards, three interceptions.

Yes the Detroit Lions are legit, but do not hold this against Drew Brees for the rest of the season. Everyone has a bad game, this is the case. Yes I know that is not the most in depth analysis but this is not something that needs to be overthought. Start him no matter what.

Andrew Luck: 278 passing yards and four touchdowns.

Oh my gawd, somebody stop the dayyum match. Yes that is quite a niche joke but this was a slaughtering. The New York Jets were simply outmatched, outclassed, and they got dressed down.

Luck came off a concussion and light up the Jets secondary. Now I do think that Luck can produce this stat line often, but the next two weeks against the Houston Texans and Minnesota Vikings will be rough. Then they travel to Oakland and host the Jacksonville Jaguars.

He has the talent to repeat this performance but the schedule, save for the Raiders game, does not look like he will have a chance to do so.

KC Revival

Being a student at the University of Kansas I am constantly surrounded by the Kansas City Chiefs. For most of the season I have been very critical of their putrid offense and how pathetic it has been week in and week out.

Yet the past two week the offense has come alive just a bit. There is a vertical passing attack, Travis Kelce is finally getting a lot of targets. They will send the season against the Raiders, Denver Broncos, Tennessee Titans, and San Diego Chargers.

So Alex Smith will not be a QB1 but all of the sudden Travis Kelce, Spencer Ware (who had a nice bounce back game), and Tyreek Hill should all be in your starting lineup. Adjust accordingly.

Quick Bits

I pointed out a few weeks ago that Malcolm Mitchell would be a sleeper for the New England Patriots. Now Danny Amendola will miss the rest of the regular season. Run to the waiver and get Mitchell.

Oh boy is Paxton Lynch bad. He is young but that performance was just plain bad. Trevor Siemian gives the players around him value. Lynch destroys it.

David Johnson is under the radar, thanks for pointing that one out Fox.

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