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The Week 12 Hitting Planner has skated by and the Week 13 Hitting Planner is whipping around the corner.

Roller Derby nicknames have been a small passion of mine for about six days.

It is the Krumping of nicknaming as it combines anger, passion, and puns.

This is not a definitive list of the best nicknames nor will any of the names have anything to do with anything the players have done on the field.

This is the Week 13 Hitting Planner

Week 13 Hitting Planner


Martin “Ruthless King Jr” Maldonado, LAA (at LAD, vs. LAD, vs. SEA)


Martin Maldonado, or “Martin Ruthless King Jr” as he’s known in the rink, has taken over the Angles primary catching duties and hasn’t looked back since. Earlier in the season, Maldonado took a big dip below 80 mph EV, but a recent uptick has him back around 90 mph. This boost is already showing dividends on the field as his last 10 games resulted in a .375 BA, two HRs, four RBI, and three runs scored. A home and away split with the Dodgers could inflate those home run numbers a bit.


First Base

Jose “Peanut-Bludgeon and Jammer” Abreu, CHW (vs. NYY, vs. TEX)

Jose Abreu has been hitting all season long, but after a drop in EV recently, things are starting to pick up again. A .360 BA and six extra-base hits in his last 28 PA have Abreu contributing in almost all standard scoring categories, which is allowing him to live up to his Jammer nickname (they are they player in Roller Derby who can score).


Second Base

Jose “The Mendoza Grime” Peraza, CIN (at STL, vs. MIL, vs. CHC)

With Zack Cozart on the DL, Jose Peraza will shift over and be the Reds starting shortstop. At first glance, a .222 BA in his last 20 PA is not the most encouraging, but his rising EV is. Between May and June 11, Peraza’s EV dipped under 80 mph during his current slump, but since June 11 his EV has risen to near peak 2017 (so far) level. This rise in EV should lead to more balls finding holes and allowing Peraza to reach base more.

Dee “Gordon, “It’s Raw-Berry Shortcake” Ramsey” Gordon MIA (vs. NYM, at MIL)

The Marlin’s speedy second baseman has seen a small bump in his EV, but Dee Gordon’s real value is his ability to get on base. His last 28 PA has lead to a .464 OBP. During that time, Gordon also nabbed six stolen bases.


Third Base

Matt “Donald Thump” Davidson, CHW (vs. NYY, vs. TEX)


Do you like people who just smash balls? Matt Davidson is the man for you. Through June 10 Davidson’s EV on line drives and fly balls was 91.5 mph. Since then he’s hit those same balls at 107 mph (albeit with a sample size of three). Considering Davidson’s high strikeout rate, this is a boom or bust pick. I am leaning boom because of his 52% FB% in that same time period.



Addison “The Fidget Skinner” Russell, CHC (at WSH, at CIN)

2017 has brought Addison Russell’s Fantasy owners a lot of heartaches, but things have been turning around for the Cubs young shortstop. A .290 BA over his last 32 PA has been giving Fantasy owners glimpses of 2016 Addison Russell. Since June 14, Russell has an average EV of 92.7 mph as compared to his 87.8 on the season prior to June 14. In this current time frame, Russell has a 97.8 mph average EV on fly balls and line drives meaning the four-game set in Washington D.C. (1.036 HR Park Factor) could lead to Russell cashing in on his power potential.



Hunter “The Fileting Mantis” Pence, SF (vs. COL, at PIT)


Hunter Pence is starting to do it all again. His stats look good already in this hot streak he’s been on (.370 BA, four runs scored and five RBI0, but an increase in EV on fly balls and line drives signifies a hidden power surge. In this 28 PA hot streak, Pence has a FB% of 38.5%, and with the added velocity to those fly balls he’s hitting, we could see hit excellent 20% HR/FB ratio explode against a skidding Rockies pitching staff early in the week.

Keon “Skateboard B” Broxton, MIL (at CIN, vs. MIA)

I wrote about a Keon Broxton breakout here. The breakout is well on its way to fruition, but I like Keon Broxton in Week 13 for two main reasons. Broxton’s last 47 PA has led to a 43.5% FB% and a 60% HR/FB. Broxton, in that same 47 PA sample size, has a 100.6 mph EV on flyballs and line drives, so add these peripherals up, and the series in Cinncinatti should have Broxton owners drooling. A bonus to starting Broxton is his ability to steal bases, although he has not swiped many bags of late.

David “Fright Train” Peralta, ARI (vs. STL, vs. COL)


There are a lot of home runs being hit in the Arizona heat, and the Week 13 Hitting Planner would miss out without the inclusion of David Peralta. Peralta’s last 40 PA has led to some pretty scary peripherals for his power numbers. He already has three home runs in this time span, but a 30.3% FB% and 94.7 EV (on FBs and LDs) in that same time period keeps the “Fright Train” right on track for more.


Final Thought

Do you have any interesting roller derby names? Thank you as always for reading, and tune in next week for…

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