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I’m telling you, some of these rookies are starting to wear down.

One week our rookie quarterbacks light things up but the rookie receivers get shut down.

Then another week the rookie running backs seem poised to take over the league, but the quarterbacks look overmatched. Why can’t they allots dominate right away?

I’m aware that I sound a bit insane but I said that to show that you’ve got to take every rookie’s performance with a grain of salt. They’re the new guys in the league and are going to have their ups and downs.

Going in to Week 13 we’ve got some guys trending up with others struggling to keep up their early season production. So let’s see how everyone did.

Week 13 Rookie Report


Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Last week Jameis set the world on fire. The big question for us fantasy managers was could he keep it rolling? Short answer: no. Winston didn’t necessarily play bad, but he did go over that pass attempt threshold of 30. He was 19 /36 for 245 yards and 1 touchdown. The bad news is he threw an interception and his offensive line didn’t do him any favors as he was sacked 5 times.

The Colts rank 27th in pass defense so going into this game I definitely had some high hopes for Jameis. He got a very solid day from Doug Martin and his two star receivers, he just couldn’t get his team into the end zone enough to have the great day many of us were hoping for.

Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans

Marcus had a very strange day stats wise. He completed less that 50% of his passes, going just 17 for 37, but threw three touchdowns. On two of those touchdown drives Mariota drove the Titans 80+ yards. On two other drives he threw interceptions. See what I mean? Mariota has had a very up and down season so far and this game was a perfect metaphor for his season. One series he looks like a top 10 quarterback, then on the next the team stalls out.

He faced a 29th ranked Oakland Raiders pass defense and, like Jameis Winston, fantasy managers probably expected a lot this week. And we sort of got what we wanted in the form of his 3 TDs. The problem is his trademark efficiency and accuracy we saw in college has not shown up in the pros. He also has barely run the ball, which may be an attempt to keep him healthy but for those of us who drafted him we were expecting a few more rush TDs.

Running Backs

Todd Gurely, St. Louis Rams

I’m too sad to talk about this. Todd Gurley was once a golden God! He was the clear Rookie of the Year. He was causing flashbacks of Marshall Faulk! And now he’s totaling on 19 rush yards. This is very depressing. The only silver lining is that when you’re team gets blown out 31-7, there aren’t many opportunities to run the ball. If they could ever get some good QB play in St. Louis we may see Gurley return to his past glory.

Tevin Coleman, Atlanta Falcons

Remember Tevin Coleman? We talked about him all the way back in Week 1. We’ll he hurt some ribs and was out for a while. And in that time Devonta Freeman burst onto the scene and became one of top running backs in the league. Well the universe works in strange ways because Freeman got a concussion last week and in steps Coleman. He got 18 carries for 110 yards and look every bit as good as he did 3 months ago.

Now Freeman has been so good for so long it’s hard to imagine Freeman will overtake him on the depth chart but concussions can linger for a few weeks. And if Freeman s out a few weeks, Coleman can be the type of late season addition that can push you into the playoffs.

Wide Receivers

Amari Cooper, Oakland Raiders

There is one shining hope when it comes to rookie receivers and his name is Amari Cooper. We’ve had some other guys break out, or start hot but no one has been as consistent this season as Amari Cooper has. This week against the Titans he hauled in 7 catches for 115 yards. He hasn’t scored a lot of touchdowns this season but he has been PPR gold. Of all the rookies this year, Cooper has looked the most at home in the NFL and is definitely in the running for Rookie of the Year.

He’s got a great chemistry with Derek Carr and as the season winds down, this duo is one that could put up some huge numbers in games that don’t matter anymore. Well at least games that don’t matter to the Raiders. I feel a hot streak coming for these two.

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