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Week 14 DFS Picks: The Choice Is Yours


If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

There’s something about the line above from Rush’s “Freewill” that I always love. Maybe it’s the simplicity of it. Or perhaps that it really isn’t that simple and is in fact quite profound. Either way, I’ve been thinking about this choice or that choice lately.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to devolve into an Aristotelian discussion. Because much of the thought about choice was related to fantasy football. (Of course.) Why does this league choose to have this tiebreaker but that league chooses that tiebreaker? What made me choose Doug Martin over here but not there? Why did the Giants choose NOW to fire Reeese? Does Andy Reid think he made the right choice sticking with Alex Smith? Or I wonder what would have happened if rival owner X made this choice and not that one. Because life is about choices.

And I made the choice to limit my DFS exposure earlier this week. So if you came here looking for a bundle of great week 14 DFS picks, you’re going to be disappointed.

But I do present to you dear reader a number of DFS options to choose from; they just happen to be the site on which you can play. No DFS picks this week. However, for those of you forced to focus on DFS over seasonal, consider your options:

Week 14 DFS Picks

DFS Site Choice #1: Draft Kings


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What I like about DraftKings is the total number of different sports they have. I also really like the number of free games they have. However, I suspect they are able to fund those free games by taking a pretty sizable rake. But I’m willing to make that trade for free games that payout.

DFS Site Choice #2: FanDuel

FanDuel gives you far fewer options than DraftKings. For one, it offers fewer sports. Secondly, in both football and most of its other sports there is no “FLEX” option for your FanDuel lineup. However, I do appreciate that FanDuel offers a kicker option. For that reason, plus a fraction of a percentage more generous payout, I like FanDuel equal to DraftKings.


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DFS Site Choice #3: FantasyDraft

This site is actually my least favorite. They rarely have significant promotions (i.e. free or highly discounted) and yes, the “fan” is wider on this site but offering an additional 20 cents to an additional 1000 spots really doesn’t do much entice me.

DFS Site Choice #4: Yahoo

Maybe its because they often seem to split the difference between the two biggest sites, but the pricing on the site usually seems pretty fair. I also really like the “tournament” options.  One thing that I like less about Yahoo however than some of the other sites is the scoring updates are not as quick as they are on other sites.

DFS Site Choice #5: FantasyFactor

My friend Bill (I know it sounds like a pseudonym, but he is actually a pretty hardcore player) introduced me to this site and it’s one of my favorites. Now, if you’re a “high roller” and looking for a site with regular $125 entry fees that have payouts of $250K, this is not the site for you. However, this is a low stakes site that has a lot to offer.


Which is the best site for you? Depends on what is important to you. The choice is yours but remember this sage advice….

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