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It seems my report of Tom Brady’s Fantasy demise were greatly over exaggerated.

Yes, I wrote off the GOAT as a viable Fantasy option for the rest of the season a few weeks back, and for those two weeks I looked like a genius. With the team already without Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola, Brady’s prospects did not look great.

Sprinkle in upcoming games against the NFL’s top defense, the Baltimore Ravens, and Brady was destined to fail. Yet all he did on Monday night was torch the Ravens for 406 yards and three touchdowns. For those wondering, I do follow my own advice and  I benched Brady in favor of Matthew Stafford.

Maybe the message of this game was not to overthink things at this time of the year. Yes, I was basically guaranteed victory after playing Derek Carr and Michael Crabtree (yes that sorry receiver), so I was able to be a bit cheeky.

As the season comes to a close, just stick with what got you there. Sometimes people out-think themselves, even those who write about Fantasy Football.

Week 14 Fantasy Football Headlines

Defenses Rule

The Green Bay Packers forced Russell Wilson to throw five interceptions. The New York Giants made the Dallas Cowboys look like a high school offense. Tampa Bay shut down Drew Brees and Co.


Right now it is hard to turn a blind eye to these units because of how dominant they have been as of late. The Bucs have morphed into one of the best defenses in the league, and with the Cowboys and Saints once again on their slate, it could be trouble for those two offenses.

The Giants face the Detroit Lions(Matthew Stafford is injured), the Washington Redskins, and the Philadelphia Eagles. Owners should be wary of these matchups, ditto for the Packers against the Lions Week 17.


Ring the Bell

A moment of silence for those playing LeVeon Bell this week. Now cue the sad violin!


Bell had 236 yards rushing, 62 receiving yards, and three touchdowns. He is the best running back in the NFL right now, sorry Ezekiel Elliott. Side note: Elliot and Dak Prescott are not MVP candidates.

Bell looks to be the man to carry this offense. Given how well he is running, there is no way Mike Tomlin does not give him 30 touches against the Cincinnati Bengals. Oh and by the way the Bengals rank 25th in run defense. Another moment of silence for those playing Bell this week.


Rapid Fire

I do not care what Joe Flacco’s stat line was on Monday night. His 324 yards and two touchdowns does not reflect his play. Those two touchdowns were hand wrapped by Patriots’ special team mistakes. I would still avoid him.

It is hard to say, but Julio Jones is just another Fantasy receiver in Atlanta. Matt Ryan throws to everyone and do not let his name power force you to start an injured player next week.

It is weird to say, but the Jacksonville Jaguars have an elite defense. If only their offense could keep place. Be very wary of starting receivers against Jalen Ramsey and Co.

Tyler Eifert is a stud, thank you to those who did not keep him when he was hurt. Special shoutout to my roommate for doing that.

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