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For those of you who are here looking at the Week 14 Fantasy Football Rankings, I’m guessing that you have made your leagues playoffs. There are a few leagues that don’t start playoffs until Week 15, but for the majority of leagues they start this week.

There are a lot of players that were no where to be seen in our rankings, even a few weeks ago, that are now becoming starting options. Most of these have been due to injuries creating opportunities. Regardless, these players can make all the difference in your winning or losing your leagues.

One thing I’ve always said in the playoffs is start your studs. You don’t get cute with your star players that got you this far just because they have a bad matchup in the playoffs. Now for your flex or even your WR3 or on some teams the RB2, you can swap in these players whose stock has risen recently.

If you did not have the luxury of stashing defenses last week as David Gonos told you to do, now is the time to do it. Go out and grab those teams playing the Browns, Jets, Houston and even Philly is becoming an offense to target. Defenses can make a huge difference in the playoffs.

The last tip I have for your is to grab some of the running back handcuffs. As mentioned on the Fantasy Six Pack Hour last week you need to have the handcuffs for top running backs. Example if you are a David Johnson owner you need to have Andre Ellington. Now not all handcuffs are worth owning, but for the top guys, they are.

Good luck in Week 14 and hope to see you back here in Week 15.

SCFE’s Staff Week 14 Fantasy Football Rankings

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