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Week 14 Target Watch: 18 more targets for Antonio Brown

week 3 target watch
Photo Credit: Brook Ward

After a few weeks with relatively low target numbers and players with high targets, the Week 14 targets skyrocketed. A whopping 23 different players had double-digit targets in Week 14.

With all of those players receiving targets in Week 14, plenty of fantasy points were up for grabs. While not all targets translate into points, the more a player is targeted, the more likely they will earn fantasy points.

By Week 15, most rosters are pretty set. However, some fantasy owners do look to the waiver wire to see if any better options are available. Perhaps a player has a tough match-up or is dealing with injury. In addition to sorting available players by projected points or total points, also consider sorting by targets.

Please note none of the charts below show total receptions, total fantasy points or touchdowns. The sole purpose of this analysis is to look at targets.

Week 14 Target Watch

Each week I will be reviewing the targets from the past week, the season and even digging deeper by running back and tight end. I will also be analyzing any trends I find along the way.

Week 14 Double-Digit Targets

Player Team Targets
Antonio Brown * Pittsburgh Steelers 18
DeAndre Hopkins * Houston Texans 16
Davante Adams Green Bay Packers 14
Michael Thomas New Orleans Saints 14
Travis Kelce Kansas City Chiefs 13
Michael Crabtree Oakland Raiders 13
Adam Thielen Minnesota Vikings 13
A.J. Green * Cincinnati Bengals 12
Demaryius Thomas * Denver Broncos 12
Marquise Goodwin San Francisco 49ers 12
Jesse James Pittsburgh Steelers 12
Alshon Jeffrey Philadelphia Eagles 11
Roger Lewis New York Giants 11
Julio Jones Atlanta Falcons 11
Kendall Wright Chicago Bears 11
Nelson Agholor * Philadelphia Eagles 11
Torrey Smith Philadelphia Eagles 11
Jeremy Maclin Baltimore Ravens 11
Eric Ebron Detroit Lions 11
Martavis Bryant Pittsburgh Steelers 10
Le’Veon Bell Pittsburgh Steelers 10
Stefon Diggs Minnesota Vikings 10
Theo Riddick Detroit Lions 10


Both Antonio Brown and DeAndre Hopkins caught 11 of their targets. In PPR formats that puts them in double-digit points before any yards are even added. Fantasy owners of both are likely pleased with how they have played this season. Hopkins, especially, has excelled even with sub-par quarterback play.

Four different Pittsburgh Steelers players appear on the list: two wide receivers, a tight end and a running back. While Ben Roethlisberger isn’t going to throw the ball 66 times every week, the Steelers are a passing offense. They face the New England Patriots in Week 15, and the pass-catchers will continue to have value. While Jesse James may not have 12 targets (and catch 10 of them!) again, he is worth a look in leagues that start two tight ends.


Top 10 Target Leaders

Player Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12 Week 13 Week 14 Total
Antonio Brown, PIT 10 BYE 7 13 12 16 18 160
DeAndre Hopkins, HOU 11 16 14 9 10 14 16 155
Jarvis Landry, MIA 12 7 10 11 9 6 8 131
Keenan Allen, LAC 5 BYE 7 13 14 14 8 129
Michael Thomas, NE 8 11 10 11 8 9 14 125
Larry Fitzgerald, ARI BYE 9 14 10 8 10 7 123
Adam Thielen, MIN 10 BYE 12 9 11 5 13 125
Julio Jones, ATL 6 12 8 10 15 6 11 118
Demaryius Thomas, DEN 9 12 8 9 8 10 12 118
A.J. Green, CIN 8 2 7 9 8 16 12 118


The Top 10 list is back down to 10 for the first time in weeks. Dez Bryant fell off the list, with only five targets in Week 15. He has six touchdowns on the year, but no games with over 100 yards. In comparison, Julio Jones has three games with over 100 yards and only three touchdowns. This is why looking at targets is as equally important as fantasy points.

In just looking at touchdowns, Landry has eight (and no 100-yards games). Green also has eight (and three 100-yard games). Brown and Hopkins are obviously leading the pack in most metrics.

Top Tight End Targets In Week 14

Travis Kelce * Kansas City Chiefs 13
Jesse James Pittsburgh Steelers 12
Eric Ebron Detroit Lions 11
Delanie Walker Tennessee Titans 9
Vernon Davis Washington Redskins 7
Evan Engram * New York Giants 7


Jesse James and Eric Ebron are two tight ends that made this list this week and have not had many targets throughout the year. While both were more involved in Week 14, this isn’t a sign to run to the waiver wire and add them. Stephen Anderson last week, after a ton of targets in Week 13, was a dud. James and Ebron are solid options in leagues that start two tight ends, but in standard formats, neither should be trusted for the fantasy play-offs.

Top Running Back Targets In Week 14

Theo Riddick Detroit Lions 10
Le’Veon Bell Pittsburgh Steelers 10
Wayne Gallman New York Giants 9
Giovani Bernard Cincinnati Bengals 8
Jamaal Williams Green Bay Packers 7


With Ameer Abdullah out, Theo Riddick had a great game, catching six of those 10 targets and rushing for two touchdowns. However, Abdullah is expected back in Week 15, so don’t chase Riddick’s big game. Wayne Gallman, however, has had more of a role in the past week. Gallman caught seven of those nine targets, giving him value in the passing game. He’s a risky play for Week 15, but for fantasy owners looking for desperation options, he’s likely available.


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