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Week 15 DFS Picks: The Jack Stack

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Say it with me: Jack Stack.

Fun to say, right? That’s the name of my strategy this weekend. And it might turn out to be a winning strategy this weekend too. But I’ll admit part of the reason for the strategy is that jack stack just sounds cool, like black jack or short stack. Rolls right off the tongue; plus, it rhymes!

Linguistics aside, I do like the strategy of stacking a DFS lineup or two with mostly Jacksonville players, aka the jack stack.

Because Jacksonville is often regarded as Cleveland South, few are respecting what this team has done this year. They are the number two defense overall thanks to being the number one passing defense and are also the number one rushing team. And while they are not exactly threatening any passing records, they are still a respectable 18th in passing. An acceptable passing attack, an extremely strong rushing attack, and the league’s best defense–does that formula sound familiar? The Baltimore Ravens have won a Super Bowl or two with that formula. Don’t be surprised if Jacksonville does the same thing.

The best part is because many have so little respect for Jacksonville, they are fairly low priced and will be low owned. Thus, it is is a perfect strategy to take down a gpp tournament too. But we’ll be superstitious, and we’ll start this the usual way. We’ll start with my cash game pick of the week, even though that too is part of the jack stack strategy.

Cash Game Pick of the Week

DST Jacksonville

One thing I do to zig when everyone else is zagging is spend up for my defense. There are few things more frustrating than picking up a negative in a DFS spot, so I often look for a defense that has a high floor. And Jacksonville has one of the highest floors of any defensive unit, having not scored less than five fantasy points the last 11 weeks. And the ceiling is sky high, especially against Houston who currently is a turnover machine, ranking T-5th in interceptions. They are also tied for fourth most sacks given up as well. Given that Jacksonville leads the league in sacks, whether you want to do a jack stack or not, Jacksonville’s D is an obvious play.

GPP Pick of the Week

QB Blake Bortles

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Bortles will need to have a couple 3-TD and 400-yard weeks before his ownership will reach the level at which I’d avoid him. But he offers incredible value that I am grabbing and grabbing now. He has two consecutive weeks of throwing a pair of TDs each week and is averaging over 20 fantasy points over the last three weeks. Still need more? How about the fact that Houston has given up more QB fantasy points than any other team. Listed outside of the top dozen options on both sites, that’s value I can’t ignore.

GPP Lineup Week 15

While I do love the Jack Stack, it won’t work as well in FanDuel as FanDuel limits you to only four players from any one team. So under each Jacksonville Player, I will list a pivot for you FanDuel squad.

QB Blake Bortles (FD $7400 DK $5700)

See Above.

Fan Duel PivotI like Jimmy Garoppolo here for $100 less coming off of a 300+ passing yard game. Expect Jimmy G to do it again.

RB Leonard Fournette (FD $8000 DK $7500)

I am not going to list a Fan Duel alternative here because I think he might produce just as much as the three options above him and far more than any of the options below him. Why do I like him so much? Fournette should get plenty of volume (assuming he’s 100%) and Houston has yielded over 25 fantasy points to the RB position each of the last three weeks. Speaking of the last few weeks, how can you not love the next option?

RB Alex Collins (FD $6600 DK $5000)


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Our next options is the first player not part of the jack stack, but one that still presents an incredible value. First off, this guy aces the eye test when it comes to explosiveness. Secondly, five touchdowns in four weeks? That’s exactly the kind of upside I love in a GPP!

Marqise Lee (FD $6800 DK $5800)

Your Fan Duel alternative for the same price is Stefon Diggs, who was targeted 10 times last week. But I’d rather have Lee, who is a averaging weekly double digit fantasy points while Houston is giving up the ninth most fantasy points to WR. And we’re not done with JAX WRs. Next!

Dede Westbrook (FD $5700 DK $5100)

But before we do, I am going to take this opportunity to pat myself on the back, as I’ve been on both of these WRs since the preseason. Unsurprising to me, Westbrook finally broke through with his first career touchdown last week. Want to bet it takes him even less time to get his second?

Your Fan Duel alternative is Will Fuller for $100 less. Houston is going to have to score to keep up with the Jags, and Fuller’s floor is low but has extremely high upside.

Michael Thomas (FD $8100 DK $7400)

Remember when the Jets secondary was one of the best in the league? Now, not so much.

TE Marcedes Lewis (FD $4700 DK $2700)

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I’ve mentioned before that any TE who scores priced under $3K on Draft Kings is an amazing value. Lewis has five receiving touchdowns. Only seven tight ends have more. Houston has given up the fourth most fantasy points to tight end. Do you really need any more convincing of this key element of the jack stack?

Of course on Fan Duel, I would still select Lewis and then spend up for someone like Antonio Brown elsewhere. But if you absolutely need an option, I would spend up and take Ricky Seals-Jones against Washington, who is giving up the third most TE fantasy points.

DST Jacksonville (FD $5900 DK $4500)

See above.

Your FD alternative is the nearly 1K-lower priced Baltimore whose price reflects that they were an absolute debacle last week in Pittsburgh. Let’s just say Cleveland is not as difficult an opposing match-up as Pittsburgh.

FLEX: Rex Burkhead (DK $6400)

I’ll be honest with you, I hate this pick. High chance I pivot off this before lineup lock. But you can run on the Steelers, and I expect the Patriots to try and do so.

K: Greg Zuerlein (FD $5300)

I got the salary space, I’m going with the top option on the board.

Salary flexibility is just another reason why I love the Jack Stack this week!

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