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Welcome to the Week 15 Stock Report, but don’t get comfortable, it’s time to say goodbye.

The Fantasy playoffs are underway. The bigwigs and I agree that there’s not much utility for the Stock Report at this particular point of the season. You really can’t react too much to what is usually covered here.

However, we didn’t want to go all Bobby Petrino on you, leaving you in the lurch, so we thought one more column would be appropriate.

Like the owners of the trail of broken hearts I left behind when I got married, you might want to know what you should do next? (“Trail of broken hearts”? Really, Mark? I think you might be overstating that by oh, I don’t know, maybe a few hundred?)

Once again ignoring my inner voice, I will use the Week 15 Stock Report to tell you what you should do now and in the time before draft prep season begins.

Week 15 Stock Report

What to do: Do it now


Begin creating a takeaways from this season now. What trends continued? What trends were reversed? They don’t have to be gigantic. Here’s an example of a small one I picked out from this year, partly because I couldn’t leave without giving you one set of players to at least think about as you set your lineups. Plus, who doesn’t love a little trivia? And yes, all would qualify as a “buy.”

There are at least five wide receivers that each currently have more receiving yards than their team’s top two rushers have combined rushing yards. Additionally, each had an ADP coming into the season that was behind at least five other teammates. How many can you name?

Hint: One of the players was a Division II player!

And no, it’s not T.Y. Hilton who played at FIU, which is Division I.  Also, he probably had the highest ADP of any Indy player. But keep guessing, answers are below. While you’re doing that, let’s move to what you should do before the end of the season.


What to Do: Before End of the Season

Whether you season is a success or a failure, review why.

Here are just a few questions to consider:

  • Was it your draft day strategy or was it the pick-ups you made during the season?
  • Did injuries derail your season or start you in a hole? What could you have done to prevent it?
  • How effective were you in free agency? Did you waste your waive wire priority when you had it? Should you have gone a little higher or a little lower with your FAAB bids?
  • Did you get good advice? You signed up for SCFE membership and got answers from our experts, right? Did certain experts give better answers than others?

Jot these answers down now. When summer comes and you begin your draft prep, keep these notes in mind. Summer seems a long way off, but the calendar is going to flip soon.


What to Do: When the Carousel Stops Spinning


So like it or not, the ride we call Fantasy Football is nearing its end. Here are some recommendations of what to do to fill the void as Fantasy Football is not an option.


Spend Some Time with Loved Ones

Okay, I know that sounds like a Hallmark card run amuck. And maybe you haven’t spent  the amount of time watching, following, and dissecting football like I have. But you know that half hour you spent every week picking your lineup(s?). Use that half an hour to make a special meal for someone special whether it be a parent, child, friend, or romantic partner.

Or take this opportunity to reignite old relationships of people you’ve forgotten. Or maybe, just maybe, go out and make some new relationships.  As Joey said, “Welcome back to the world, Grab a spoon!”


Of course if you’re not ready to explore that ice cream parlor yet, there is still plenty of sweet Fantasy options.


More Fantasy Options

Play other Fantasy sports. Fantasy Baseball is the best known one. And of course, SCFE should have all you need to prepare for your Fantasy Baseball drafts! But don’t’ be afraid to try others. There are places to sign up for NASCAR Fantasy leagues. I’ve never tried it, but there are even bass fishing Fantasy leagues!

I myself am partial to Fantasy Golf. The Fantasy Football season and Fantasy Golf season compliment one another very well from a timing perspective as Fantasty Football ends in December and Fantasy Golf starts in January.

Or play Fantasy sports that have already begun like hockey or basketball. And you don’t even need to find a league as there are countless DFS options. Of course, if you really need more Fantasy Football, there is still one option.


Play Post Season Fantasy Football

There is a big drop off between the number of people who play Fantasy Football and those who play postseason Fantasy Football. But playing the myriad of Fantasy Sports that I play, I can tell you that it is one of the more underrated recreations.

You don’t even have to find time to get half a dozen to a dozen of your friends to have a draft. Plenty of post season Fantasy Football games exist out there, including one of my all-time favorite commercials…


Or there is one other Fantasy Football related option–get your league ready for next year. I’ve discussed how great dynasty leagues are before and they can keep you busy during the off-season. But even if you don’t play in a dynasty league, keep your league “fresh.” Talk to the other owners in your leagues. Discuss new rule changes. Explore expanding your league. If nothing else, confirm everyone is coming back to play in the league next year. The opportunities are endless.


Final Word

First off, the answer to the trivia question above includes Division II star Adam Thielen along with Marqise Lee, Davante Adams, Kenny Britt, and Mike Wallace. Those are some great buys. But now allow me to tell you some good byes.

Hopefully I’ve given you some ideas of what to do between now and next Fantasy Football season. This season has been a blast for me. Win or lose, hopefully you enjoyed the season and this column was part of the reason. Even if you thought it sucked big time, let us know here at SCFE. I’ll have at least one more “Deep Route” article next week, but as REO peedwagon saing….

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