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What’s wrong with me guys?

It seems every time I write this article, which I put a lot of time into, I come out looking like a guy who doesn’t know what he’s writing.

Pitching has just been all over the place this year which ultimately makes writing this article very difficult.

No matter how confident I am when doing my research on pitchers and their opponents, I’m wrong.

So, with that mini vent session, I give to you the Week 17 Pitching Planner (if I’m wrong, I’m sorry).

Week 17 Pitching Planner

Five to start

Carlos Carrasco, Cleveland Indians (vs. MIN, @ NYY)

It’s a shame Carlos Carrasco was out for a month with injuries because that one month of productivity would surely put him in the AL Cy Young chatter.

Carrasco has a very tasty matchup against a very weak Minnesota Twins lineup. He and the Indians travel to the Bronx to face a disbanding New York Yankees team that looks a lot different, and will continue to do some come August first, since Opening Day.

Gerrit Cole, Pittsburgh Pirates (@ ATL, vs. CIN)

Gerrit Cole’s injury woes have completely derailed his 2016 campaign, but there shouldn’t be much worry going forth.

Cole is a perfect bounce back pick for next year, but that shouldn’t sway anyone for playing him (while healthy) for the rest of this year. He and the flailing Pittsburgh Pirates face a worse-off Atlanta Braves team in pitcher-friendly Turner Field. Cincinnati comes to town to face Cole, which, much like Atlanta’s woes, won’t be too much for Cole to handle.

Chris Archer, Tampa Bay Rays (vs. KC, vs. MIN)

Chris Archer. Chris. Archer.

It has been a catastrophic year for Chris Archer and the Tampa Bay Rays, but, actually let’s make that a “but”, Week 17 could be a huge game changer for the flame-throwing righty. He pitched well last night against Kansas City and their slowly dwindling offense.

Next up is Minnesota and their practically nonexistent offense later in the week. Better, yet, Archer may find himself in a new town come August 1st!

Lance McCullers, Houston Astros (vs.TOR, vs. TEX)

After missing the beginning of the season due to injury and then being rusty after a few games back, Lance McCullers seems to have gained his footing.

McCullers gets double the benefit of playing at  Tropicana Field in Week 17 when he faces of against two solid offenses in Toronto and Texas. Between the pitcher-friendly confines of the ballpark he calls home and the free-swinging tendencies of both teams makes McCullers a solid option.

Five to sit

Brandon McCarthy, Los Angeles Dodgers (@ COL, vs. BOS)

Brandon McCarthy has done a so-so job since coming back from the year-long surgery that is Tommy John.

Unfortunately for McCarthy is, he find himself at the dreaded Coors Field and against a very potent Boston Red Sox team that smells a playoff spot. McCarthy just got lit up by the Tampa Bay Rays – proceed with caution in 2016.

Mike Foltynewicz, Atlanta Braves (vs. PIT, @ STL)

The Atlanta Braves 2016 season is like a punchline that isn’t funny.

The rebuilding Braves are letting Mike Foltynewicz takes his bumps and bruises and to put it lightly he’s not doing well. Week 17 poses two pretty decent-sized threats in both Pittsburgh and St. Louis. No Matter how good the pitching is, when the bats are as light-hitting as the Bravos are, it’s not even worth it.

Doug Fister, Houston Astros (vs. TOR, vs. TEX)

Yes, Doug Fister is having a solid 2016 campaign, but, Week 17 spells doom for a pitcher like Fister.

Fister and the Houston Astros will get a visit Texas Rangers later in Week 17. Fister is more of a finesse guy that will eat innings as long as he is fooling hitters, when pitching against the two aforementioned teams, you need to be a pitcher who can dial up his fastball (see Lance McCullers).

John Gray, Colorado Rockies (vs. LAD, vs. MIA)

John Gray has been a solid pitcher for the Colorado Rockies in 2016, but, Week 17 is looming.

Gray, who has been pitching well in Coors, plays two surging offenses in the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Miami Marlins. Like I said, Gray has pitched at home just fine, but with lineups like the Dodgers and Marlins, I wouldn’t want to chance it.

R.A. Dickey, Toronto Blue Jays (@ HOU, @ K.C.)

Why the Toronto Blue Jays continue to run R.A. Dickey out on the bump is beyond me.

Dickey will get a chance to try and fool the Houston Astros at home to start Week 17, and although the Astros aren’t the most patient hitters in the league, the knuckleball won’t fool them. Much like the visit to Kauffman Stadium and the Royals lineup, the knuckle will be useless.

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