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I love Week 2. The overreactions from Week 1 are awesome. The hate spewed because Adrian Peterson didn’t run for 19 touchdowns and 350 yards is rampant. This is an excellent time to take advantage of “recency bias.”

If you’re new to DFS, recency bias is when players love or hate a player based on last weeks or last night’s performance. For example, if you are new in a relationship, recency bias may even send you back to the friend zone.

That being said, my Week 2 Daily Fantasy Football DraftKings Picks will offer great advice in your chance to lay the beat down on the folks, who just have to play Thursday night.

Make sure to check out the Week 2 value RBs and WRs as well as options to avoid.


Week 2 Daily Fantasy Football: DraftKings Picks



Sam Bradford, Philadelphia Eagles ($6,900)

I’m a big believer in consistency. Bradford limped through the first half against the Falcons and ended the night with a salty 336 yards and only one touchdown. He might be a lot more popular this week, but I will gladly let the fine folks who worship the ground that Peyton Manning walks on select their hero against a Chiefs Defense who is much better at home. In the meantime, I will watch Sam Bradford rip the Cowboys secondary to shreds.


Running Back

Carlos Hyde, San Francisco 49ers ($5,100)

I heard the rumors all off-season about how involved Hyde was going to be. I took a wait and see approach, and now I regret it. I’ll admit he was on my radar, but I gave the Vikings defense way, way too much credit. I paid for it. I won’t make that mistake this week. I saw what “Celine” Dion Lewis did to the Steelers and I can’t wait to see what Hyde is going to do. The price is still low. He will be the most popular play because of his price and you guessed it, recency bias.

Chris Ivory, New York Jets ($4,700)

Ivory only played 52% of the snaps, but he made the most of them. As long as Ryan Fitzpatrick is the QB, the Jets will be decent on offense. Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker open up things nicely for the running game. The Colts hate tackling, so expect a lovely game from Ivory and it gives you a nice sweat on Monday night!


Wide Receiver

Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers ($8,800)

Gee, weird, I managed to fit this PPR monster into my lineups. Expect this to happen every week. Oh, and DraftKings is a full point PPR.

Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons ($8,900)

I should work for Another lovely pick from Captain Obvious. Seriously though, in the immortal words of Ellie Goulding, “What are you waiting for?”

Jordan Matthews, Philadelphia Eagles ($7,100)

How mad were you on Monday night when Chip Kelly didn’t review the touchdown from Bradford to Matthews? That play cost me dearly, oh so dearly. Well, I’m not scurred to go back to the well. Matthews had 13 targets, 10 grabs and 102 yards against Atlanta. Expect more of that noise!


Tight End

Crockett Gillmore, Baltimore Ravens ($2,500)

The $2,500 dolla balla! He plays the Raiders this week. It’s killing me to write this, but you remember Tyler Eifert? Yeah, well I do. Eifert went against Charles Woodson and Nate Allen (both injured) in Week 1 and destroyed them. Imagine what Gillmore is going to do to the backups? He should be low owned, given he didn’t do anything in Denver last week. He did play 95% of the snaps, so I’ll take my chances.



Brandon Coleman, New Orleans Saints ($3,300)

The Saints at home are a different team. Defensively, I think Tampa Bay may key on, you know what, never mind. Tampa Bay doesn’t key on anyone. Drew Brees versus a cover 2? Brees gon eat. You thought Marcus Mariota had a good day, you haven’t seen anything. Brandon Coleman is going to score again, put it on the board.


Philadelphia Eagles ($2,700)

They are cheap and they are at home. I know the game should be high scoring, but I don’t really like a lot of other defenses. You saw what they did in Atlanta. I like them again this week at home. Just remember what John Madden taught us all, “When you pass, three things can happen and two of them are bad.”


The Broncos/Chiefs matchup is supposed to be one of the lowest scoring games of the week. If I was taking anyone from this game it would be the Chiefs Defense, but I’ll let all the people who just have to play Thursday night sort it out and I’ll be just fine.

Don’t forget to also use Doug Anderson’s “ Fantasy Points Allowed by Position,” where he breaks down the ability of defenses going up against each Fantasy position. The best part is – it breaks it down according to the individual scoring rules on several DFS sites, including FanDuel, DraftKings, FantasyAces, Drafster and FanThrowdown.

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