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I never like to toot my own horn. Well actually I love it, yet after the Week 2 games I feel as if I need to pat myself on the back on how spot on my Week 1 review was.

Matt Forte dominated yet again. Willie Snead scored a touchdown in what was a very strange game. Carson Wentz looks like he can be a solid QB2 and C.J. Anderson is a top running back.

None of those were earth shattering statements, so my gloating should be minimal but I feel confident about these week two observations. I hope the fantasy gods do not spite me for my hubris.

Week two had some very interesting games. Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers destroyed the Jacksonville Jaguars. Rivers did not quite get into my top four but my quick two sense is that he will not produce a 24 point game any time soon.

Sprinkle in a lot of injuries to running backs, and this could be seen as a trying week for fantasy owners. Luckily it is only week two, I do not believe in hitting the panic button until week four at the earliest.

Reviewing Week 2 in Fantasy Football

So once again let’s look at my top four players to watch from Week 2.

Allen Robinson, WR, Jacksonville Jaguars

Stats: Three catches for 54 yards

I do not have a clever name yet, but this is my Do Not Panic game of the week.

It would be fair to say that owners put out an APB for Robinson because he was missing for almost three full quarters. His first catch was with 38 seconds left in the third quarter. For an elite receiver that is unacceptable, and given that the Jags are not a nationally televised teams owners may overreact to this.

But listen to my hypothetical soothing voice, everything will be alright. The tape shows that this was much more about what the Jags’ offense as a whole could not do then an indictment on Robinson.

Bortles was constantly under pressure, he made awful throws far too often and the Chargers defense played like they are elite. Robinson was thoroughly blanketed by Jason Verrett. Whether Verrett was giving a cushion or in bump-and-run, he was always in Robinson’s hip pocket giving up very little separation.

So owners should be more worried about their wideouts going against Verrett in future. Robinson will bounce back against the Baltimore Ravens, and if owners want to move him then buy low and steal a top WR1 for the rest of the season.

Todd Gurley, RB, Los Angeles Rams

Stats: 19 carries for 51 yards

It may be hard to justify 2.7 yards per carry after a week one performance of 2.8 yards per carry but Gurley is the victim of a bad team in a brutal stretch. The 49ers in week one always play well on Monday Night Football and going into Seattle is never an easy task.

I understand that to get Gurley owners had to spend a top three pick most likely and that is how he should produce. He will start to do that but his first four weeks will look awful. Thankfully he should be able to run all over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but then will swiftly come back to earth against the Arizona Cardinals the next game.

The film against the Seahawks was not pretty, as the game was a defensive masterpiece from both teams. The Seahawks yielded nothing in the running game and the offensive line never helped Gurley.  Well there are some bright spots from these trying times.

Gurley is 8th in yards after contact and 6th in broken tackles, he actually has more yards after contact than he does from scrimmage. That bodes very well for the future when he faces softer defenses and the offense as a whole can produce something.

There should be a nagging voice in the back of your head saying that you picked the wrong NFC West running back but there is no need for any drastic moves. Gurley is in a tough stretch, happens to every player. Just ride it out and you will be fine.

Dak Prescott, QB, Dallas Cowboys

Stats: 292 passing yards no touchdowns, no interceptions. Six rushing yards one touchdown.

I may not be drinking the Dakamania cool aid because he has yet to throw a touchdown, but I am sipping it just a bit. He has thrown 75 passes without an interception which is a rookie record, and he is still growing as a passer.

His play action fakes may be the best in the game, and he has the arm to make every throw and the legs to escape from the pocket to make plays. In terms of fantasy it has not clicked yet for him.

The most damning thing for Prescott is the redzone. Whether it be the play calling or he just is not used to the NFL game yet, he is very ineffective. Well he is ineffective in the passing game, early on he just didn’t look comfortable making passes with the field shortened, forcing a bad ball into Dez Bryant one trip and getting a delay of game in another.

To be fair he should have had a touchdown to Cole Beasley but a defensive pass interference robbed the Cowboys of a passing touchdown. Luckily for owners Dak is starting to look towards Dez.

After a putrid first game, the duo seems to be on the same page now and Dak would even force the ball to make sure Dez got some looks.

Even though Dak looks like he can be a great NFL quarterback, right now he is not even worth a roster spot for fantasy football. Unless you are in a very large league, Dak has too much uncertainty to warrant a roster spot.

If Romo comes back and does not get his job back, if Dak rapidly grows in the red zone passing game, if he utilizes his legs better than he is a QB2. That is a lot of ifs, for now Dak should stay on waivers.

Stephon Diggs, WR, Minnesota Vikings

Stats: Nine catches for 182 yards and one touchdown

When I was looking at this game again I was probably the most impressed with the timing that Sam Bradford had with Diggs. They duo seemed to be in sync from the start, that obviously bodes well for the coming weeks as Bradford will only get better in this offense.

Diggs himself played a fantastic game. He broke away from man coverage often, made great catches and made some very impressive moves to break tackles. He simply outclassed the Packers’ secondary and looks to be the nest stud receiver.

I could continue to rave about Diggs but I feel that it is more important to owners that may want to make a move for him after this game. He is most likely going to have a letdown game in week three against the Carolina Panthers.

Carolina has allowed a 66.7 passer rating so far. Their top two corners, James Bradberry and Bené Benwikere, have allowed 112 yards and have two interceptions. That is a 25 passer rating, to put that in perspective an incomplete pass is a 39.6 passer rating.

The point of this is not to take away from what Diggs did in week two, he played lights out and will be a great receiver for the rest of the year. I am saying if you want to make a move for him wait until after week three.

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