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Week 2 Fantasy Football Storylines To Watch: Tom Brady’s Resurgence

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Tom Brady had nine rushing yards against the New Orleans Saints. Ezekiel Elliott had eight rushing yards against the Denver Broncos.

It was another weird week for Fantasy Football where a lot of key players had little to no contributions. A perfect storm of great defenses and awful offensive lines has made a slow first two week for Fantasy Football.

Owners need not fret, yet. Here are six Week 2 Fantasy Football Storylines that owners must take into account as the season continues.

Week 2 Fantasy Football Storylines

1. Tom Brady Rebounds, Injuries Continue

After a Week 1 blowout, the Patriots needed a big win in the Big Easy. Brady and Co. came out hot scoring 20 points in the first quarter and dropped 36 total on a bad Saints defense.

Brady had 447 yards and three touchdowns. Tight End Rob Gronkowski looked like Gronk as he caught six passes for 116 yards and a touchdown. Odds are owners are feeling vindicated for not panicking after Week 1, but alas this game was a trap.

If Sam Bradford could light up this Saints defense, then Brady should, and he did. Now Tom Terrific will have to face the stout Houston Texans defense.

With Gronk suffering a groin injury, an injury that he played off after the game, expect this offense to come back to earth against the Texans. This may have been a vintage Brady “revenge” game but do not expect elite performances against good defenses from this offense.


2. Exotic Smashmouth
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Derrick Henry has finally taken over for DeMarco Murray, and the results are horrible for Murray owners. Henry posted 92 yards on 14 carries and a touchdown. It appears that Henry will now be the featured back for the rest of the season.

Murray now is a flex fill in at best while Henry is an RB2 with high upside. If he is available scoop him up, or trade and buy low. The next two weeks against the Seattle Seahawks and Houston Texans will not be very fortuitous.

After those two games, the new face of exotic smashmouth will rack up consistently great numbers.


3. Aaron Rodgers Knows Nothing

The King in the North looks nothing more than a fool the first two weeks. Well, at least the first week and most of week two in Atlanta.

It is amazing how normal Rodgers has looked for most of the first eight quarters of the season. The majority of his 343 yards and two touchdowns came when they were trailing big. Right now this season’s offense has been chaos and with injuries piling up (Jordy Nelson injured his quad), Rodgers will struggle to return back to his usual self.

Yes, I do set an abnormally high standard for Rodgers in Fantasy Football. Fair or unfair, the chaos seems to be engulfing him so far. And as we all know chaos is a ladder, and Rodgers is trying to climb his way out.

Let’s hope he does not fall, and continue to look very average for the coming weeks. Owners will see an uptick in points in the coming weeks with the Cincinnati Bengals, Chicago Bears, and Dallas Cowboys coming up next.

If Rodgers continues to struggle, then it will be time to reevaluate but right now there is no need to panic. Once the team gets healthy, these two games will be a distant memory.

By the way, Little Finger was the best Game of Thrones character if you did not catch the references, down with the Starks! *Runs away into the night*

4. Sleepless In Seattle

It is time to hit the panic button Russell Wilson owners, this offense is just dreadful. They floundered against the San Francisco 49ers managing just 12 points. To put that in perspective they were favored by 14 points.

The offensive line is horrid, not giving enough time to set up the passing game. The coming games will give owners some semblance of a quarterback given Wilson will be playing the Tennessee Titans and Indianapolis Colts but do not be fooled, he is nothing more than a QB2 at best right now. Time to bench him.

On a brighter note, if you have been patiently stashing Chris Carson congrats he looks to be the bell cow for the Seahawks.


5. Cowboys’ Offense Flounder
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Let’s play a game, who had more rushing yards than Ezekiel Elliott? How about Tom Brady, Trevor Siemian, Alex Smith, Jacoby Brissett, Dak Prescott, Marcus Mariota, DeShone Kizer, Cam Newton, Blake Bortles, Josh McCown, Russell Wilson, Carson Wentz, Tyrod Taylor, and DeShaun Watson.

Those are all quarterbacks, practically everyone in the league had more rushing yards than Elliott. Yes this is an extravagant way of saying the Cowboys got shut down. Just a week after I was praising Prescott, head coach Jason Garett is yelling at him for not making enough plays in the passing game.

Luckily for Zeke owners, this game is a one-off, he will return to form next week. Still an absolutely stunning performance. The Broncos were better at keeping Zeke off the field than Rodger Goodell has been so far.


6. Miscellaneous

Kareem Hunt dazzled yet again for KC if you did not start him this week thinking he was a one-week wonder you were thoroughly disappointed. He is legit.

Roughly 75% of the Philadelphia Eagles’ plays have been passes. Avoid their running backs at all costs.

The San Diego… I mean L.A. Chargers lost on a missed kick, again. They were shooting off the victory cannon, priceless. Nothing to do with fantasy football just really funny.

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