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Welcome to the SCFE Fantasy Baseball Week 2 Injury Report.

I know everyone does injury reports a little differently, but my version will be my honest thoughts on the 10 biggest injury situations at the time of publication. I will also attempt to give you a forward-thinking thought on how you should react to the news if you own him or are interested in owning him in your league. Buckle up.

Anyone can Google their player or follow the bottom line on ESPN. So besides giving you the same update on your players that you already have, I will try to give you a positive, negative, or forward-thinking next move in relation to the player.

Some will pan out. Some won’t. But always trust your gut when making decisions on your team. I will try to help with my own version of a Fantasy Baseball Injury Report.

The below players are broken into two sections, hitters and pitchers. Hopefully your team is healthy, and you won’t see any of your guys here. If not, stick with it, as Fantasy Baseball is a marathon. If a player you own is listed here, check out the Top 200 Rankings provided by Joshua Morgan to help you out.

Week 2 Injury Report

Look for your players, or potential trade targets in the SCFE Fantasy Baseball Week 2 Injury Report.


Gary Sanchez, C, NYY

Latest News: People yelled regression at Gary Sanchez all offseason and then he proceeded to get off to a slow start. All of that would be fine because of the talent Sanchez has, but Saturday was a bad development for the Sanchez believers, myself included. He took a swing, seemed puzzled, and immediately tried to take a practice cut with no success because of the obvious pain.

Another bad sign was that it felt like the Yankees put him on the DL before the game even ended. Another strike against Sanchez is that he may be the single most important piece of the Yankees’ future. That means they will be super cautious with him.

Fantasy Analysis: If you are a Sanchez owner, you are kind of forced to sit tight and hope for the best with his diagnosis and recovery. If you are a firm Sanchez believer, now wouldn’t be the worst time to check with his owner on his price tag. The owner is surely frustrated with the start and even more disappointed with the injury. Savvy owners may pounce on Sanchez now. He won’t be on our Fantasy Baseball injury report forever.

Hanley Ramirez, 1B, BOS


Latest News: If you own a Boston Red Sox player on any of your teams, you realize there is a serious flu bug going around their locker room. It knocked out Mookie Betts and Brock Holt, and then continued making its way down the line until it got Ramirez. The flu is not what worries me about Hanley. He has taken zero reps at first base, the spring included, because of his shoulder, and got off to a relatively slow start.

Fantasy Analysis: There is nothing to report here about Hanley. If you have Hanley, you are excited for him to come back. If you don’t and think this time off will be good for his shoulder, then put a feeler out to Hanley’s owner and see what his price tag is looking like.

Greg Bird, 1B, NYY

Latest News: There was not a hotter hitter in the spring than Greg Bird that wasn’t named Bryce Harper. Expectations were high heading into the season as the Bird Hype Train was running full steam ahead. A very quiet first week, a bout with the flu, and a barking ankle from a foul ball has resulted in Joe Girardi promising a few days off for Bird to “clear his head.”

Fantasy Analysis: Not exactly an ideal start to the season. But the ballpark and situation is still right. Wait out these minor ailments and employ Bird as your corner infielder or first basemen moving forward.

Trea Turner, SS, WAS


Latest News: Turner was one of the most polarizing players heading into the Fantasy draft season. Some people went as far as attaching first-round value to his name. Now he finds himself in our Fantasy Baseball Week 2 Injury Report. Turner was rounding third and pulled up lame in the game on April 8, and the initial outlook sounded bleak. Dusty Baker sounded a little more optimistic on April 9 saying he didn’t think Turner pulled his hamstring too badly, and that he would only be out a couple days. The bad news is he was placed on the 10-day DL anyway.

Fantasy Analysis: If you own Turner in daily leagues, get him out until you see his name back in the Washington lineup. Thankfully it seems like the Nats, and your Fantasy team, dodged a major bullet here. Just hold your breath that this is not something Turner will be thinking about or something that will flare back up.

Adrian Beltre, 3B, TEX

Latest News: Beltre was hoping to come off the disabled list on April 9 when he was eligible, but that didn’t happen. He is taking grounders and running, so he appears close. Make sure to check the Texas lineup tonight. Your team and the Texas lineup could both use Beltre back in their lineup.

Fantasy Analysis: He’s close to returning and he should be able to hit the ground running. I am not going to bet against Beltre until he decides to retire. I smartened up and accepted the fact that he can rake stepping right out of bed. That shouldn’t change this season.

Josh Donaldson, 3B, TOR


Latest News: Good news … Donaldson hit a homer in the game on April 9. Bad news … Donaldson left the game with a calf injury. Almost immediately after the game, the worst was assumed, and a DL stint seemed likely. But then reports surfaced of Donaldson responding quickly to treatment, and he said himself that he was “optimistic” he would play in their home opener on April 11.

Fantasy Analysis: Donaldson seems like a safe play for weekly leagues this week as it sounds like he will be in the lineup within a day or two. It is unknown if Kendrys Morales can handle first base anymore. If he can, the Jays have the DH spot to fall back on for JD. Relatively good news here for Donaldson owners.

Michael Brantley, OF, CLE

Latest News: This will be short and sweet but deserves a mention. Brantley has passed the first week of tests and appears to have come out healthy after only playing 11 games last season. These next few weeks will be vital for Brantley’s season-long outlook.

Fantasy Analysis: You either believe or you don’t. If you drafted him, you believe, at least to some extent. You should hope for continued good health and hope the warmer weather heats up Brantley’s bat.



Sonny Gray, SP, OAK


Latest News: You won’t find a pitcher with a wider range of outcomes for the remainder of the season than Sonny Gray. He is scheduled to throw an extended bullpen early this week. Hewill probably need a rehab assignment, but things are looking good for those waiting on Gray’s 2017 debut. Stay tuned here.

Fantasy Analysis: Depending on your league size, I would make sure Gray isn’t sitting out on the waiver wire in your league. If you have Gray, you want to make him earn a spot in your lineup. He is the type of pitcher I would need to see one positive start from before rolling him out there this season.

Steven Matz, SP, NYM

Latest News: I think this situation is a little tenser than people realize. The Mets seem to be slowly becoming more and more annoyed with Matz. The latest saw Matz telling reporters that he has a flexor tendon strain. The Mets then reported that their doctors “found nothing wrong.” The Mets do believe Matz is injured. But they seem to be reaching a breaking point with the constant nicks and bruises that Matz seems to find. He is familiar with spending time in Fantasy Baseball injury reports.

Fantasy Analysis: There is nothing you can do besides to wait it out. Matz is supremely talented and is in a good division for Fantasy success. He needs to get himself healthy, and more importantly, confident in his own health so we can see Matz at his best.

Rich Hill, SP, LAD


Latest News: You know how NCAA Tournament experts take bubble team resumes and pit them up against each other without the team’s logos above them? They call them blind resumes. If you did this with MLB pitchers, and put K/9, WHIP, H/IP, and so on against each other, Rich Hill would surprise you. He is elite when he is on the mound. The problem is he cannot shake this blister. It will not go away.

Hill picked up a win in his first start and then was immediately put on the DL with the same blister that knocked him out for multiple stretches last year. Hill is already back throwing, so it doesn’t seem to be a long-term thing this time. But how often are they going to pop him on the new 10-day DL after starts this year? Your guess is as good as mine.

Fantasy Analysis: There seems to be a real chance Hill is back on April 16 when he is first eligible. There are a few ways you could attack this. Wait for Hill to make a handful of healthy and successful starts in a row and then trade him so he is someone else’s problem. Or ride him out, pay close attention to the injury reports, and try to pick your spots with him all year. However, he doesn’t appear to be someone who will make many two-start weeks this season. He has made a home for himself over the last few months in all kinds of Fantasy Baseball injury reports.


That’s your SCFE Fantasy Baseball Week 2 Injury Report. Check back every Tuesday during the season for more news.

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