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Week 2 NFL Stacks And DFS Picks

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So even after my column was published last week, something about it was gnawing at me. It took a while, but I figured it out. There I was telling you how much I prefer GPPs, yet I only subtly referenced one of the key differences between cash games and GPPs: stacking! That will not happen this time. I will start with a few of my favorite week 2 NFL stacks and then proceed to some of my other favorite picks for the week.

But a quick review of what stacking is for the uninitiated. Stacking is taking multiple players from a single team in order to “stack” your entry. It’s a big risk, designed more for GPPs than cash games. Because if that team from which you stack bombs, you will likely come up on the short side. But if that team performs particularly well, your entire entry does well.

We will start with one of the more intriguing week 2 NFL stacks, the San Francisco 49ers.

Week 2 NFL Stacks

Week 2 NFL Stacks: The Recommended Play

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QB: Jimmy Garoppolo

After last week’s less than stellar three-INT performance, the hype has finally quieted down about Jimmy G. And now is the time to pounce. I’m expecting a big rebound from Garoppolo, and at least some of that is due to the match-up against Detroit this week. Whether you believe Sam Darnold is for real or not, he looked pretty good last week against Detroit in his first ever start. Something tells me that Garoppolo will do even better. That something is likely the fact that Lions did very little to address their secondary and they were the 7th most generous team in giving up fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks.

TE: George Kittle

Kittle had a solid five catch 90 yard game last week and it could have been a lot more. He dropped a would be 80-yard touchdown and then Garrapolo overthrew him later on a four yard pass in the end zone. I’m not expecting a 200-yard three touchdown day, but 100 yards and a touchdown feels almost too pessimistic.

WR: Dante Pettis

This is why I often wait to write my articles until later in the week. Early in the week, Pettis would have been an aggressive play. Now, with Marquis Goodwin not expected to play, Pettis will be a very popular play and for good reason. Pettis had two catches for 61 yards and a touchdown last week. I expect even more fantasy points this week.


Week 2 NFL Stacks: The Popular Play

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I know, the KC stack sounds like something your neighborhood fast food joint serves with fries and a coke for a limited time for just $4.99. At best, it sounds like an artery-clogging scrumptious sandwich from that underrated bar-b-que establishment down the street. But either way, you’re going to want to think about sinking your teeth into the KC stack.

QB: Patrick Mahomes

I’m one of the drivers of the Patrick Mahomes steamtrain, and even I think there’s a little too much steam driving this engine. He’s not throwing four touchdowns again. But people are getting off a stop too soon with this train headed for another 250-yard game with a few touchdowns. Throw in his Draft Kings price of just $6100 and potentially low ownership, I’m buying.

RB: Kareem Hunt

Meanwhile the diesel engine that is Hunt suddenly has owners wanting to leave him in the trainyard. Big Mistake. I think Hunt gets 20 carries as he keeps pace with James Conner.

WR: Tyreek Hill

The Freak. The Cheetah. The Thrill. Whatever you want to call him, Tyreek Hill keeps it going against the Steelers which is currently in the bottom half of the defending the pass. And Hill is a much faster weapon than any one on Cleveland. But wait, we’re done with the KC Stack!

TE: Travis Kelce

Kelce did zippo last week. And he didn’t do much last year against Pittsburgh either as he only had four catches for 37 yards. But I’m telling you now. This Steeler defense is not that good.


Week 2 NFL Stacks: The Six Player Stock Option

Of course if Kelce is too chalky for you, try Jake Butt. In fact, I really like the idea of stacking Case Keenum, Emmanuel Sanders, Jake Butt, Demaryius Thomas, and the Denver Defense. And if you want to throw one of the Denver RBs in there, I would probably take Patrick Lindsay only because he’s so much cheaper. But I don’t think anyone outside of the Denver organization has any certainty of what Denver is doing at RB.

Week 2 NFL Stacks: The No Guts No Glory Play

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QB: Sam Darnold

I mentioned Darnold earlier and I think at his DK price of just $5100, you’re going to have to consider him. Yes, DraftKings has Miami listed as the top ranked pass defense. They must be using QB rating as their metric, because that might be the only metric in which the Miami pass defense is number one right now.  I’m glad they have it listed that way because hopefully it will scare some people off. Because Miami is not the top ranked passing defense and even if they were, I wouldn’t lead a lot of credence to it. They went against the run-heavy Titans led by Marcus Mariota and his questionable arsenal of weapons, especially now devoid of Delanie Walker. I believe in Darnold and I’ll have at least one DFS lineup with him in it.

WR: Robby Anderson

He’s cheap and scored last week after having 7 TDs last year. That screams GPP play. Of course you could always go with his fellow playmaker on the other side.

WR Quincy Enunwa

He caught 6 of ten targets, including a touchdown. I’m firing him up again.

RB: Isaiah Crowell

Nothing makes a rookie quarterbacks transition easier than a strong running game. I do like Bilal Powell too, but call it a gut feel about Crowell about this week.

Week 2 Picks In Addition To Potential Stacks


The Vikings are too obvious a play if Aaron Rodgers doesn’t play. If he does, they scream fade. For the exact same DK price however I will take Houston. Does Marcus Mariota scare you? And that assumes he plays. If Blaine Gabbert is under center, Houston goes from an interesting play to an enticing one.


I’ve been all over Ricky Seals-Jones this year. Many might see the Rams defense on the schedule and run away. But Jared Cook had nine receptions for 180 yards against the Rams last week. As great as the Rams are against quarterbacks and wide receivers, tight ends, not so much…

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