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We’ve all been there. The games are over and Twitter is on fire, glowing with white-hot takes on who you need to add. You scour your waiver wire and find the guy that can solidify your championship aspirations, the one guy who can save your season. Then it happens… It’s called over-analysis paralysis. So the question must be asked; which players to drop?

You just drafted not too long ago and proved to everyone in your league how savvy you are, stockpiling sleeper pick after sleeper pick (Sorry, DeVante Adams isn’t a sleeper).

You snagged the unsexy veteran who should have been taken three rounds earlier (Who isn’t that good) and the rookie no one else watched have that three touchdown game in college the year before (We know about Youtube).

You even have the most original team name in the league (You saw it on last week’s episode of The League). You aced your draft! But now there is too much advice to ignore and unfortunately the rule is, thou must drop in order to add. Before you can add the next big thing, you have to deal with the Fantasy Football drops.

Let’s rip the band-aid off together.

Week 2 Players to Drop

We’re playing by Talladega Nights rules here folks.  If you ain’t first, you’re last!

 Joe Flacco, QB, Baltimore Ravens

For his career, Joe Flacco has averaged roughly 1.3 passing touchdowns per game (Gross). If that sounds like the type of quarterback you need in order to win your Fantasy Football championship then please send me an email once a spot opens up. Torrey Smith is gone. Torrey Smith clone, Breshad Perriman is a complete mystery. Owen Daniels is gone. Gary Kubiak is gone. Play the matchups and stream your quarterback rather than hope Crocket Gillmore turns into Rob Gronkowski, so Flacco can somehow find the end zone twice a game. Random side note: Have you seen Breshad Perriman’s hair? Look it up. I’ll wait … Okay now look up, “Jerry Rice dreads”.

Alfred Blue, RB, Houston Texans

The Houston Texans used a trio of backs in their game Sunday, disappointing Blue owners right from the start. Blue had 10 touches totaling 49 yards, while Jonathan Grimes and Chris Polk combined to tally up 14 for 61.

You own Arian Foster and assume you’re being a smart owner by owning his handcuff? False.

Handcuffs in Fantasy Football are a lot like handcuffs in real life. There’s a slim chance something awesome is about to happen, but the odds are you did something stupid. How long Foster stays healthy, we don’t know, but the reality is he’s returning sooner rather than later. If Foster is back for Week 3 then Blue may only be the lead back one more week. The Texans face the Carolina Panthers next week and Carolina’s run defense should be more than enough to give Blue some trouble, with or without Luke Kuechly.

Andre Williams, RB New York Giants

Andre Williams Photo Credit: Mark Kortum

Andre Williams Photo Credit: Mark Kortumt

If you’re in a league where you receive bonus points for running in a straight line as fast as you can into the arms of a gigantic man, then disregard what I’m about to say regarding New York Giants running back Andre Williams. Drop New York Giants running back Andre Williams.

Yes, Rashad Jennings stirred up a mini-controversy this weekend by pouring gasoline on the dumpster fire that is the New York Giants time management process, but that still doesn’t take away from the fact he’s the most talented running back on the Giants roster. Jennings will get hurt at some point this season and sure, when that time comes Williams might be good for a few yards and a touchdown here and there but until then, let him waste away on someone else’s roster.

Markus Wheaton, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers

The Wikipedia profile for Markus Wheaton states, “Markus Levonte Wheaton is an American football wide receiver and return specialist for the Pittsburgh Steelers.” After watching him play in the Thursday night opener, that’s about the biggest Wheaton compliment I’m willing to attach my name to.

Wheaton dropped what should have been a touchdown, caught less than 50 percent of his targets (3 of 7) and looked simply functional against the questionable secondary of the defending champion, New England Patriots.

The Steelers early schedule is no cakewalk. Five of their next six opponents (Rams, Ravens, Chargers, Cardinals and Cheifs) have a good enough secondary to give Pittsburgh trouble. Wheaton leads the NFL in dropped passes after Week 1. If you own him it’s your job to make sure he leads your league in amount of times dropped to the waiver wire as well.

DeVante Parker, WR, Miami Dolphins

Parker sure looks the part doesn’t he? Size, speed, and athleticism make him an attractive target for 2015. This summer Parker underwent foot surgery, missed all of training camp, then missed the first three games of the preseason. But, Odell Beckham Jr.!

Listen folks, drafting rookie wide receivers is like playing a round of golf. Every once in a while there’s something glorious and memorable that takes place, but the reality is you probably just ended up embarrassing yourself in front of other people. Parker’s stat line from Sunday’s Week 1 game reads like this; on the field for one play in which he was not targeted. He may prove to be a reliable weapon for Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins down the line, but for now let someone else waste the roster spot waiting for him to develop chemistry with Tannehill.

Antonio Gates, TE, San Diego Chargers

It’s happening right before your eyes. The Antonio Gates as a top 12 tight end era is over.

Let us count the ways in which this is going to go downhill rather quickly for Gates. The under the radar signing of Steve Johnson, the emergence of 25-year-old, dynasty league favorite, Ladarius Green, the return of a healthy and scrappy, Danny Woodhead, the potential for a viable running game led by Melvin Gordon, Gates’ four game suspension for violating the league’s policy on performance enhancing substances and lastly, having a quarter back who is notorious for slowing down in the second half of seasons, are all reasons to move on from the 35-year-old.

I’d prefer to stream my tight end and play the matchups rather than waste a bench spot in the hopes Gates found a substance the NFL can’t yet detect. Go Chargers, Go.

Honorable Mention (Guys who are one week away from possibly making an appearance): Cam Newton, Joique Bell, Terrance West, Jay Cutler, Michael Floyd

Now that you know which players to drop, head on over to the Week 2 Waiver Wire article to discover a few adds for Week 2.


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