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Week 20 Hitting Planner: First Freshman Fantasy Baseball Friends

Week 20 Hitting Planner
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Heading to college for the first time? Needing some time to reminisce about the glory days? Just trying to get Fantasy Baseball advice?

The Week 20 Hitting Planner has it slapped onto a cafeteria tray, so grab a seat and make some new friends.

Week 20 Hitting Planner


Gary Sanchez, NYY (vs. NYM, at NYM, at BOS)

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Over his last 46 PA, Gary Sanchez has been feasting. A .275 BA with four homers is great out of the catcher position. He’ll be the freshman also looking for a table to sit at the dining hall the first day. A simple bumping into each other leads to discovering a mutual passion for Fantasy Baseball. The meal will end with your first freshman friend, as well as both agreeing to start Sanchez.

First Base

Freddie Freeman, ATL (at COL, vs. CIN)

A 17.6% HR/FB ratio in his last 51 PA, Freddie Freeman in Coors Field could be a nightmare if you aren’t starting him in Week 20. With 77.9% of his contact in the air (last 51 PA), Freeman’s power numbers could balloon against the Rockies in the beginning of the week. Speaking of ballooning, Freeman would be your friend who got hit hard by the “Freshman 15.” You can find him holding down your group’s booth in the dining hall.

Second Base

Javier Baez, CHC (vs. CIN, vs. TOR)

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Taking over at short due injuries, Javier Baez has made the most of a new opportunity (much like another member of your crew). His last 27 PA have produced major standard category results by picking up two home runs, two stolen bases, driving in five runs, and putting up a .292 batting average up. The Reds’ 1.67 HR/9 looks like a perfect opportunity for Baez to increase his home run totals. Like Baez, another freshman you’ll meet will be from far

Like Baez, another freshman you’ll meet will be from far away, most likely out of state, but they could be from anywhere except for in-state. You will at first bound over your mutual distaste over a rival team, but quickly Baez will find himself in the booth along side Freeman and Sanchez.


Third Base

Matt Chapman, OAK (vs. KC, at HOU)

Over the past week and a half, Matt Chapman has raised his exit velocity to 93.4 mph. This is coming on the heels of a 53 PA stretch where he is hitting .289 with eight runs and 10 RBI. A great defender, Chapman should get plenty of at-bats and will continue crushing the ball.



Tim Beckham, BAL (at SEA, vs. LAA)

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A former Rays top draft pick, Tim Beckham has put it all together since he was traded to Baltimore. Since his arrival in the Charm City, Beckham has a .281/.400/.500 slash line with seven RBI and seven runs scored. In terms of theme, Beckham would be the friend that carries your intramural team. He’s a former athlete who’s career ended out of high school for some reason or another. Start Beckham or risk taking a devastating loss in your flag football championship game without him.



Jose Martinez, STL (at BOS, at PIT)

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The Cardinals outfield represents your first student athlete friend. He has power, discipline and over his last 27 PA, Jose Martinez has put it all together with a wRC+ of 147 to show for it. As far as standard scoring, Martinez has a stolen base, five RBI, four runs scored, and two home runs. Quietly, the Cardinals find themselves in the thick of a playoff hunt, so they will need Martinez to continue his great play and will give him every opportunity to do so.

Jarrett Parker, SF (at MIA, vs. WSH)

The offense has not been great for the Giants this season, but Jarrett Parker didn’t get that memo. He is your friend that hasn’t gone to class yet and you are not sure of his enrollment status. Over his last 25 PA, Parker has amassed a .417 batting average with a .333 ISO and a 1.190 OPS. The Giants will visit the Marlins whose pitching staff has a K% of 19.5%, which is good for 25th worst in the majors. This should aid Parker since he’s striking out in 25% of his at-bats in his aforementioned hot streak.

Nick Markakis, ATL (at COL, vs. CIN)

Bringing up the rear, Nick Markakis heads to Colorado where he has a chance to turn his doubles into homers. His last seven games have lead to three doubles hit at 102, 96.8 and 102.5 mph EV. In the same span, Markakis made 56.3% of his contact as fly balls and 62.5% as hard contact. This smells like a big week for the Braves outfielder. Speaking of smells, Markakis represents the backwoods member of your group. He will only wear boots the first semester … eventually, he’ll wash his feet right? Nope.

Final Thoughts

Maybe these aren’t the freshman you will meet, but they were the ones I met. Some of these characters are still close friends to this day, except for the last one. The “wash your feet conversation” was not handled professionally. Thank you for reading and tune in next week for…


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