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Week 23 Hitting Planner: What Time is it? Half Past Calhoun

Photo Credit: Keith Allison

Let’s take a moment of silence for my Vald Jr/ Donaldson Buffalo Bisons dream infield. The Bringer of Rain was dealt with the Cleveland Indians who were one acquisition away from getting back into the playoff picture. All jokes aside, the Indians now sport the 2015 Blue Jays top two hitters in terms of OPS+ and will be dangerous in the playoffs.

Weather Forecast

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The Week 23 Hitting Planner should be a wet one in Kansas City with rain projected all week. Luckily for Royals fans, they are on the road for most of the week. Rain should not be much of a factor this week as outside. Meteorologists forecast only a few storms in baseball cities. Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati, Boston, and New York could all see some showers in the Week 23 Hitting Planner.

Park Factors

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With the Milwaukee Brewers spending the Week 23 Hitting Planner at home against the Cubs and Giants, it would make sense to highlight their home ballpark, Miller Park. Currently, the 6th ranked park in terms of HR PF, Miller Park ever-so-slightly leans towards hitters. Outside of their 1.142 HR PF ranking 6th, the Brewers home sport a single PF within the top 10 (7th BB PF of 1.08). Miller Park sports a Runs PF of 1.021, but 3B, 2B, H PF all come in below 1. It would not be uncommon to see a couple of big box scores coming out of Wisconsin in the Week 23 Hitting Planner.

Stolen Base Report

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Taking a look at the team stolen base rankings coming into the Week 23 Hitting Planner, the Indians continue to pace the league with an 8.8 wSB. The Cubs (-5.9 wSB), Marlins (-5.7 wSB), and the Blue Jays (-5.6 wSB) find themselves at least 1.5 runs worse than the next worse team. The Indians will take on Sal Perez and the Royals in the week 23 Hitting Planner creating an interesting matchup. The Royals defense comes into the week with an rSB of 4 (2nd in MLB) and throwing out 35% of runners.

The Dodgers baserunners will face an easy week on the base paths. The Dodgers host the Mets (-5 rSB) and the Rockies (-2 rSB). Both teams are at the bottom of the stolen base defense rankings. Cody Bellinger (10 SB), Yasiel Puig (13 SB), and Chris Taylor (9 SB) should run in the Week 23 Hitting Planner.

Under-The-Radar- Players

Kole Calhoun, LAA (at TEX, at CHW)

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Angles outfielder, Kole Calhoun’s roller coaster of a season looks to be reaching the final loop. After -8 wRC+ in May, he fixed his swing a blossomed to a 202 wRC+ in July. August saw a slip in overall production with a wRC+ of 119. Some of the downslide could be attributed to unluckiness with a wOBA-xwOBA of -.056. Things should change in the Week 23 Hitting Planner.

The Angles will head to two parks known for giving up the long ball. Over the last two weeks, Calhoun has been making 39.3% of his contact as fly balls. The bodes well as the Rangers are the 10th worst pitching staff in terms of HR/FB. They allow 10.8% of fly balls to leave the yard. The White Sox are worse as they surrender home runs on 11.2% of fly balls. The Week 23 Hitting Planner should be another launching pad to Calhoun new found power stroke.

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