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Week 25 Hitting Planner: Odd Player and Odd Weather

Photo Credit: hj_west

With the number of games left in the 2018 MLB season getting smaller by the day, I want to take some time to highlight an Astros player. The Week 25 Hitting Planner will hopefully see the Astros giving the recent call-up, Myles Straw some playing time. He’s interesting because as a right-handed hitter he makes almost all of his contact the other way. Myles also graded out to come scouts as plus-plus speed. Enough about funky speedsters, let’s jump into the Week 25 Hitting Planner.

Weather Forecast

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The Week 25 Hitting Planner should be wet and wild with tropical storms galore crossing hitting the shores. The Rain should affect most of the east coast with Atlanta projecting some rainfall. Meteorologists project rain throughout the week in Boston as well. The Red Sox travel for most of the week, but the Braves play host two both the Cardinals and Phillies.

Park Factors

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With the season dwindling down, the Week 25 Hitting Planner sports a couple of home bodied teams staying in their cozy confines. Of the teams with two home series this week, Comerica Park in Detroit has the highest HR PF. A 1.154 HR PF is good for 8th overall in the MLB. The Tigers host the Twins and Royals, so a lot of fun baseball ahead in the Week 25 Hitting Planner.

Stolen Base Report

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Jumping back to the rSB ranking. The Pirates slipped to 3rd in the MLB with an rSB of 4. The A’s and Royals lead the MLB with an rSB of 5. The Mets continue to struggle to stop runners from stealing. A league-worst -6 rSB highlights their inability to stop the runner. Interestingly enough the Braves, Cardinals, and (to a lesser extent) the Rays find themselves in playoff races with subpar results in catching runners stealing. The Braves have allowed 95 stolen bases compared to the Cardinals 42, but both teams sport an rSB of -3. The Phillies play both the Mets and Braves in the Week 25 Hitting Planners so watch out for Caesar Hernandez (18 SB) on the base paths.

Under-The-Radar- Players

Aaron Altherr, PHI (vs NYM, at ATL)

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Phillies outfielder Aaron Altherr will be battling against playing time in the Week 25 Hitting Planner, but he’s doing everything else right. We already mentioned the great stolen base matchup the Phills have this week. With the Mets surrendering 36.8% of their contact as fly balls, the matchup could also favor the home run ball as well. Altherr’s hot streak has come at the right moment. He’s seizing more playing time in left field, and over his last 10 PA he’s hitting .400 with two home runs and a 101.9 mph average exit velocity. Over the last month, he’s hit 40% of his contact as fly balls. Look for Altherr to break out in the Week 25 Hitting Planner.

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