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Hope that everyone out there today is feeling alright. Life is tough, mixing and matching to make things work each week. Trying to figure out the best options, even when you are battling through injury or a rough cold.

Of course, what I am really talking about here is fantasy football. For some fantasy owners it was a rough week. I understand, I am weeping with all of you. The amount of injuries in week two of the NFL season to key players, specifically the running back position was brutal to say the least. The theme of this article includes these replacements and as the Patriots mantra goes, next man up.

Taking a look back at week two’s article of hit or misses based off of price and performance. Some of the hits include, Carson Palmer (27.32 DK, 24.3 FD), Blake Bortles (24.56 DK, 20.6 FD) Dak based off price, (18.28 DK, 18.3 FD), Delanie Walker (20.3 DK, 17.3 FD) and Ravens defense (12 DK, 12 FD). Solid buys included, Tevin Coleman (15.1 DK, 14.1 FD) Cole Beasley (12.5 DK, 10 FD). Duds included, John Brown (2.4 DK, 1.9 FD) Eli Rogers (1.9 DK, 1.4 FD).

Again, one of the many great things about DFS is the ability to draft another lineup. Take that injury bug! That’s right, I just swatted all over that injury bugs dreams. Go tell all your friends!

Little too harsh? Alright, well DFS is a lot of fun and a way of forgetting about your season long league that could possibly include AP and Keenan Allen. Lets delve into week three of DFS sleepers shall we.

Week 3 DFS Sleepers

Mid-Tier Quarterbacks

Philip Rivers, San Diego Chargers, Road vs. Indianapolis Colts (6,700 DK, 8,000 FD)

Rivers attempted 24 passes last Sunday. That will not happen again. Was able to watch this game on NFL Replay and this game screamed game flow. Thought it may have been due to the loss of Keenan Allen but the Chargers just got up big early, which mitigated the Chargers passing game.

In fact, I was curious as to how long ago he had attempted this few amount of passes in a game. Dates back December 12, 2013 where he attempted 20 passes.

Oh, and the colts are a bad defense and that’s putting it lightly. Start your boy.

Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans, Home vs. Oakland Raiders (5,900 DK, 7,700 FD)

Wow, do I love the price on DraftKings for Mariota. To this point the Raiders are last in total yards, passing yards, as well as passing touchdowns.

Last weeks come from behind victory against the Lions was very impressive. The only knock on the kid is he has turned the ball over three times thus far. However, add the running ability into the equation and you have a nice bargain for M&M.

Diamond In The Rough Quarterback

Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles, Home vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (5,500 DK, 7,200 FD)

May be a little high in FanDuel for Wentz, but like him as a dart throw in DK. Thought he looked pretty solid Monday night. The guy can take a hit in the pocket. A few plays where he got out of the pocket, he could have avoided a few hits. Hopefully he will learn when to slide or he could be dealing with some injuries in the coming weeks.

Jordan Matthews had a long touchdown pass thrown right into the bucket but may have had a few butterfingers in that bucket of his. Great candy bar choice might I add. Maybe not before a game though. The Steelers have given up the second most passing yards two weeks in. May have a dandy tournament play here in Carson Wentz.

Mid-Tier Running Backs

Christine Michael, Seattle Seahawks, Home vs. San Francisco 49ers (5,000 DK, 6,900 FD)

Didn’t like many of the mid tier running backs for this weekend so you may want to pay up for a back. Michael has just looked better, and is more healthy than Thomas Rawls.

I just have a gut feeling that this offense is going to get back on the same page. If they get up big, I see them running Michael quite a bit. Eighth most yards given up on the ground for the 49ers.

Melvin Gordon, San Diego Chargers, Road vs. Indianapolis Colts (5,800 DK, 7,100 FD)

Like his price on both DFS sites here, especially with Woodhead out for the season. Colts have given up the fourth most rushing yards. I think Melvin Gordon is going to be an absolute monster this weekend. I will have him in every lineup and unfortunately so will everyone else I bet. Double up cash games, he may be owned in upwards of 35 percent of leagues but you don’t want to miss out on this guy.

Diamond In The Rough Running Back

Shane Vereen, New York Giants, Home vs. Washington Redskins (3,700 DK, 5,200 FD)

Recommended Vereen last weekend, where he saw 14 carries and 3 catches against the Saints. If you were to tell me that he would have received 17 touches I would have guessed a split of ten carries to go along with seven catches, especially going against the Saints.

He has actually in 60 career games eclipsed the ten carry mark only seven times. In those seven games he has averaged 46 yards per game. Jennings has said that he will play through his hand injury but Vereen should get a little bump here. If he gets ten or more carries once again, to go along with his normal five or so catches, you are looking at a nice 15 plus point DFS score and for the price, you can’t beat it.

Oh and the Redskins are not good against the run sitting at fifth in the NFL in total yards on the ground.

Mid-Tier Wide Receivers

Sterling Shepard, New York Giants, Home vs. Washington Redskins (5,500 DK, 6,500 FD)

Holy do I love his price tag on here ladies and gentlemen. I get it, he hasn’t proven himself over a full season in this Ben McAdoo offense, but the guy put on a show last weekend.

He has seen 12 targets in his first two games and have hauled in 11 of them. I think this game is going to be one of those classic and weird NFC East kind of games. Lots of story lines. This offense is great for DFS with the short passing game under McAdoo.

I am sorry, I don’t mean to keep picking on the Redskins. I’ll stop now. Maybe.

Phillip Dorsett, Indianapolis Colts, Home vs. San Diego Chargers (4,400 DK, 6,000 FD)

Eating some chips and salsa right now. Felt it was a sign I had to go with Victor Cruz but looking out for you Skins fans.

Moncrief is out four to six weeks, which paves the path for Dorsett. Went back and watched some of his big plays in week one. Tweet below is from ESPN NFL Nation reporter for the Colts who relayed what he saw in that same week. Big play receiver and very explosive. A bit like his teammate, T.Y. Hilton.

Same size, so it will be interesting to see the routes each run with Dorsett replacing the bulkier Moncrief. But at this low of a price and Moncrief’s injury update just coming down this Wednesday, plug Dorsett in here.

Diamond In The Rough Wide Receiver

Jamison Crowder, Washington Redskins, Road vs. New York Giants (3,800 DK, 5,000 FD)

Really hope this game doesn’t turn out to be like the Saints vs. Giants game last week because I am loading all of my lineups this week with these two teams. Been a very sneaky player so far this season, with 18 total targets bringing in 12 of them. They are going to keep throwing and Crowder is a nice looking sleeper.

Mid-Tier Tight End

Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys, Home vs. Chicago Bears (4,300 DK, 6,000 FD)

The Bears defense isn’t very good. Wow Josh, great analysis. Well they just aren’t. He had a whopping 14 targets week one and four targets in week two. A tight end is always a rookie quarterbacks best friend especially a 1,032 catch tight end. Great matchup, lots of volume. Exactly what you want in DFS, what could go wrong. (Knocks on wood)

Diamond In The Rough Tight End

Jordan Cameron, Miami Dolphins, Home vs. Cleveland Browns (2,900 DK, 5,400 FD)

Again, the matchup is fantastic for Cameron who is coming off a very solid week against the Patriots. Week one tight ends verses Cleveland- 7 catches for 69 yards. Week two tight ends verses Cleveland- 10 catches for 124 yards. Yikes. Real good reach play here.


Miami Dolphins, Home vs. Cleveland Browns (3,000 DK 4,600 FD)

May be the most popular pick besides the Seahawks but for the price, I’ll be glad to go with the Dolphins. Can’t get better taking on the Browns who are just spiraling downward already. Just lost Corey Coleman with a broken hand. Go with the Phins up.

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