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Jimmy Graham had 100 receiving yards and a touchdown. Wait that does not sound right?

Let’s try this one. Ryan Fitzpatrick threw six interceptions. Nope still seems to be a bit off.

Third time is the charm. Carson Wentz had more passing yards than Ben Roethlisberger.

Yes Week 3 was yet another weird week for fantasy that left owners wanting to hit the panic button or starting looking forward. While I never will advise doing that this early, there were some very troubling players from this week.

Some players such as Kelvin Benjamin more than likely will be just a one-off game where the whole offense struggled. Other players like Allen Robinson should build off of this game and continue to get better. Oh and while they did not quite break my top four, Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott continue to impress. Wentz is worth a waiver while Dak still needs to prove that he can consistently throw touchdowns.

This is the time to give up on certain players but surely not a season. It is all about just finding some players to target and buy low. A lot can happen in the next 10+ weeks, and as this week has shown, just about anything can happen.

Let’s take a look at the key storylines from Week 3.

Week 3 Fantasy Football Headlines

Wilson Exits, Graham Rises

Trevone Boykin filled in admirably for an injured Russell Wilson, he went down in the third quarter with a sprained MCL. While that injury is important to track of, the fact that Wilson came into this game already hobbled put Jimmy Graham’s performance slightly higher. He caught six passes for 100 yards and one touchdown.

Is this the time that Graham finally start to gel with the offense or is this just a mirage in his underwhelming tenure with the Seahawks? Another week will help solve that dilemma. His last 100 yard game was October 18th 2015th owners should be hopeful that Graham can sort out the puzzle that is tight ends this year.

The (Fitz) Magic Show Disaster

Six interceptions. How does an NFL quarterback throw for six interceptions? He had by far the worst game for an NFL player that I have ever witnessed. He forced too many balls into receivers that were not open or even double covered. After a promising first two weeks the Jets’ offense completely unraveled in a game that was never out of hand.

This may be the power of Arrowhead Stadium, but this type of game is hard to brush off for fantasy owners and players.

On a side note, outside of Spencer Ware this Chiefs’ offense is embarrassingly bad. Outside of the second half of their week one game they have looked lost on offense.

Back to the Jets. Playing the Seattle Seahawks next does not bode well for them. Bench every Jets player not named Forte and save yourself the heart ache next week.

Patriots Embarrass Texans

I will avoid the “Tom Brady is a system quarterback” talk here because this is more about how great the Patriots offense can be once Brady comes back. None of the receivers had spectacular games but LeGarrette Blount ran very well and finished with just over 22 fantasy points.

If the Patriots can have this much success against teams without Brady, leading the league in total offense and scoring 27 points per game, this team will be unstoppable come week five.

Hold your Patriots close to you and buy them while you can, this offense is about to be very dangerous in a few weeks.

Aaron Rodgers is Back

Mike Zimmer may have Rodgers’ number but it looks like he finally have Jordy Nelson back so this is when the old Aaron Rodgers comes back. He only threw for 205 yards but he had four touchdown passes. More importantly Eddie Lacy was running well and Jordy Nelson. Just going to live this fun Lacy fact here.


For those owners who were worried about Rodgers and Co. do not fear anymore, this offense is back to being elite.

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