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Stay humble Robert, stay humble. So am I good or what? No, no, no I can’t say that. So yes, I had a pretty good week of predictions and I generally try to keep the intros lighthearted so how about some more back patting.

Allen Robinson, after completely disappearing in Week 2 against the San Diego Chargers, had quite a bounce back game catching seven passes for 57 yards and two touchdowns. This is the perfect cautionary tale on why you should never give up on your stud players early in the season.

Todd Gurley had a deceptively good game, scoring two touchdowns on 85 yards but he averaged just over three yards per carry which still gives me cause to pause on his outlook for the season. Playing the Arizona Cardinals, who got punked in Buffalo, should be very telling for what the rest of his year will look like.

Cue the confetti because Dak Prescott finally threw a touchdown pass. I would still not pick him up because he only had 248 passing yards against the hapless Chicago Bears’ defense but at least he is still growing.

Then there is Stephon Diggs, who I warned about last week. He had only 40 yards on four catches against the Carolina Panthers. Out of all the players from this week, the one I want to keep an eye on is Odell Beckham Jr. If he has to go one-on-one with the kicking net again, there may be some serious ramifications for his 2016 season. That net was vicious.

Week 3 Fantasy Football Review

Christine Michael, RB, Seattle Seahawks

106 rushing yards, two touchdowns

This is a weird game to breakdown because Michael essentially had 40 yards in three quarters but had a spectacular first quarter scoring twice.

I like how he runs with power and just picked a hole and ran. He will face a vaunted Jets’ defense that should be out for revenge after how bad the team played in Week 3. I do not expect much from him this week as half his production came from one run.

He may simply be a case of right time right place. He should disappoint against the Jets.

Marvin Jones, WR, Detroit Lions

Six catches, 205 yards, two touchdowns

Jones has emerged as the playmaker for the Detroit Lions after many thought that Golden Tate would be the go-to receiver for Matthew Stafford. Against the Green Bay Packers, Jones solidified himself as the No. 1 receiver and a dynamic playmaker.

Playing an awful Chicago Bears’ defense will certainly make him an appealing option as a pick-up from the waiver wire or via trade. Allen Robinson was my Do Not Panic player last week and this week Jones is my, It’s a Mirage player.

Looking at the tape, the first thing that jumped out to me was that almost every pass that Jones caught was deep downfield. Relying on the deep ball to score points is a nightmare for owners (see Desean Jackson).

Next, even though the final score was close, the Lions were playing catch up the whole game and were forced to pass the ball.

Finally, on his second touchdown, the defender fell down. In Fantasy, that does not matter since he still scored but considering his first touchdown came when a defender seemed confused that Jones stayed inbounds and was late to tackle him, this is definitely a game that was too good to be true.

Yes I do realize I anointed Jones as the No. 1 receiver and a dynamic playmaker, so I will not take that away from him. He still can be a great NFL receiver for the Lions. NFL reality does not translate to Fantasy reality. Expect Jones to have around eight points this week, in standard scoring.

Carlos Hyde, RB, San Francisco 49ers

103 yards, two touchdowns

This was a classic grind it out game for Hyde. Save for one big run, most of his carries were four or five yards. More importantly than that, the 49ers stuck with the running game no matter what the scoreboard said.

Sure that could be due to the fact that Blaine Gabbert is under center, and anything is better than letting him pass the ball. Hyde may not score two touchdowns every week … wait, I know he will not because the 49ers offense will struggle to score two touchdowns a week.

That is what hurt Hyde’s value the most, the embarrassingly inept cast of talent around him. As long as Gabbert is under center, Hyde has a fairly average ceiling.

The Dallas Cowboys come into town this week so Hyde does have a favorable matchup. Expect a point total of right around 10.

Trevor Siemian, QB, Denver Broncos

312 passing yards, four touchdowns

This young man impressed me. I was one of the detractors who was knocking Siemian for his deep ball or lack thereof. He then goes into Cincinnati and tames the Bengals, torching their secondary and making the critics eat their words.

Playing a Tampa Bay Buccaneers team that is reeling and surrendered 37 points to the Los Angeles Rams should leave owners salivating at this matchup. He may just be a one-off start but I am picking him up and I advise anyone needing a QB pick him up too. I am looking at you, Aaron Rodgers owners.

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