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Week 3 Fantasy Football Storyline: Where Are Dem ‘Boys?

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A week kicked off by President Donald Trump calling players who knelt “sons of bitches” ended up being equal parts emotional, confusing, and exciting.

Fantasy studs like Ezekiel Elliott continue to struggle, while Todd Gurley is once again playing like he was a first-round fantasy pick. Jared Goff and Case Keenum threw the ball all over the field and light up the scoreboard. Jameis Winston and Philip Rivers played like rookies trying to prove themselves and made awful throw after awful throw.

The one silver lining was that Dez Bryant finally caught it (but was once again the wrong call), sorry Lions fans.

On a more serious note, the Dallas Cowboys have looked up and down. Dak Prescott is playing with my heart after a bad first half and great second half in Arizona. Will the real Cowboys please stand up?

Side Note: Bruce Arians needs to hand in his resignation after that final drive game management. It has nothing to do with fantasy football but oh my that was horrible. When Larry Fitzgerald and Carson Palmer leave this team in the coming years so does Arians.

 Week 3 Fantasy Football Storylines To Watch in Week 4

Week 3 Fantasy Football Storyline: Teams Without Firepower

The Baltimore Ravens are lost at sea with the (not so) elite Joe Flacco under center, and no one to throw to or run the ball. Jay Cutler looks like a fish out of water in Miami, and the Raiders offense was horrid putting out the worst football I have ever seen in prime time.

The Raiders problems should solve themselves with Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree still in the offense. Cooper had his third straight bad performance and continues to struggle with drops, he is a bench player until he refinds his mojo. Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch, as I predicted, has started slow and was an afterthought once the Raiders were forced to pass.

Cutler should not be an issue because we all knew he was a gunslinger and he showed just that on Sunday. His accuracy was awful and so was his decision making, downgrade all Dolphins’ receivers.

The Ravens are the most worrisome because they have no go-to playmaker and Joe Flacco is not the player to elevate the offensive talent around him. The Jacksonville Jaguars’ defense is legit, but the Ravens’ offense is also just that bad.

Week 3 Fantasy Football Storyline: Quarterbacks Regress

I praise Trevor Siemian and then he looks lost against the Buffalo Bills, this is the second year he has honey potted me. I feel like a jilted lover, I vouched for you Trevor and the Bills exposed you as just another game manager.

Speaking of game managers, why are people just ignoring how awful the Chiefs’ offense looked outside of one Tyreek Hill deep ball and one Kareem Hunt run? Alex Smith is not regressing but oh my their performance against a good Chargers’ defense should let owners see that once again this Chiefs team is good and not great.

Week 3 Fantasy Football Storyline: Can We R-E-L-A-X?

Well if you have Ty Montgomery, then no. Montgomery is an epic flop so far, to the bench with him! A 3 ypc average and inconsistency in the passing game makes him a tough start in standard scoring leagues.

Aaron Rodgers’ owners may need to come back down to earth and realize that he is just a man, the days of gaudy ARod stats seem to be over after three “average” games for him.

Anyone who has any stake in the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense needs to start worrying after yet another sub-par game. They historically play down to their competition but they were embarrassed in Chicago. Le’Veon Bell just does not look the same, nor does Ben Roethlisberger.

With the Baltimore Ravens coming up owners of Big Ben and Bell may be hitting the panic button very soon.

Week 3 Fantasy Football Storyline: It Is Time To Hunt

Kareem Hunt is good, next segment.

Ok fine, Hunt is becoming the focal point of a team that relies way too much on their running backs and he is absolutely feasting right now. His stats will be a bit inflated by a late touchdown but do not be fooled this back is for real.

Right now he is a close 2nd MVP to Tom Brady.

Week 3 Fantasy Football Storyline: L.A. Resurgence?

Well for the Rams, not so much for the Chargers.

Three games in and it looks like the Chargers should have stayed in San Diego. Their home games will be more away fans. Philip Rivers is forcing balls to double covered receivers and the injuries are piling up. This team has so much potential but fans and fantasy owners will always be saying “what if” with the Bolts.

The Rams and Jared Goff are revitalized with some proper coaching. I have seen some people say that Todd Gurley is the sole reason for this.

It is not just Gurley, the team has some legitimate scoring threats in Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods at wide receiver, Goff is playing fantastically and finally has his feet underneath him. While the Rams may not be playing great teams, the talent is there and owners should take notice.

A game against the up and down Dallas Cowboys team will a good test for this Rams’ offense and Goff. Owners looking for a sneaky good start need to look no further than Goff in week four.

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