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Welcome to the SCFE Week 3 Injury Report. First things first, let’s touch on the two plagues that are wreaking havoc on baseball. The flu and blisters. Blisters and the flu. It doesn’t matter which way you list them; these are the thorns in Fantasy owner’s side so far this season. I’ve played Fantasy Baseball for a long time. I can never remember a flu or blister epidemic quite like this season.

Let’s first give a brief follow-up to last week’s SCFE Injury Report (I’ll try to do this every week.) Greg Bird came back and failed to hit. He now appears to have turned the corner, though. Josh Donaldson tried to play through his injury. That was bad news. You will read more about that shortly. And lastly, I was right about Rich Hill coming back on April 16. I was wrong about this not being a long-term injury though. Find out the details below.

Once again, the disclaimer prior to the Week 3 Injury Report. I know everyone does injury reports a little differently, but my version will be my honest thoughts on the 10 biggest injury situations at the time of publication. I will give you a forward-thinking thought on how you should react to the news if you own him or are interested in owning him in your league. Buckle up.

The below players are broken into two sections, hitters and pitchers. Hopefully your team is healthy, and you won’t see any of your guys in the Week 3 Injury Report. If not, stick with it, as Fantasy Baseball is a marathon.

If a player you own is listed here, check out the 2017 Rest-Of-The-Season Rankings provided by Josh Morgan to help you out.


Look for your players, or potential trade targets in the SCFE Week 3 Injury Report.

Below are the hitters for the Week 3 Injury Report.


Trea Turner, SS, WSH

Latest News: All the news coming out of Washington is positive. Turner took batting practice on April 15 and ran outfield sprints on April 16. Turner is eligible to return from the disabled list on April 19, and it sounds like that is a possibility. Dusty Baker said if MLB still required 15-day stays on the DL, Turner may have been day-to-day. All signs point to Turner coming back this week without a hitch.

Fantasy Analysis: Turner sounds healthy. Just as a reminder, this was a Top-10 player down the stretch last year. If you have Turner, activate him when he is back without hesitation. If he remains healthy for the rest of the season, you will be rewarded with heavy production.

Josh Donaldson, 3B, TOR

Latest News: Donaldson had a cranky leg that bothered him at the end of last season and through the early going this year. He missed a day or two, but seemed to avoid the disabled list when he returned last week. Unfortunately, he pulled up lame into second base on a double to right field and was placed on the DL. The Jays are off to an awful start and will miss Donaldson dearly for however long he is out.

Fantasy Analysis: This one feels like one of those injuries that isn’t going to go away quietly. The best thing for Donaldson, Toronto, and your team would be for him to take all the time he needs to get healthy. You run the risk of selling low if you trade him, so you have no choice but to hope he gets healthy, and fast. If not, Toronto and your team may just be running out of time early in the season. One piece of good news is that the DH spot is available for Donaldson if they want to ease him back in upon his return to good health.

David Dahl, OF, COL

Latest News: Dahl has been out since spring training with his rib injury. Dahl avoided any setbacks and is set for a scan to check on the status of his rib on April 21. Assuming that goes well, he will be cleared for hitting. The timetable for his return should become clearer once the scan is done. Dahl should be returning to the friendly confines of Coors Field sooner rather than later.

Fantasy Analysis: The time to buy low and get an owner to overreact to an early season weakness is running out. Gerardo Parra has filled in nicely for Dahl, but Dahl is a big part of the Colorado future, so playing time should not be an issue. Depending on the draft day discount you got, Dahl could be a guy that wins Fantasy leagues for patient owners down the stretch.

Jackie Bradley Jr., OF, BOS

Latest News: Bradley is lining up to play five innings in Pawtucket on April 18 followed by a full game April 19. If Bradley comes out of that healthy, he will work out on April 20 and be activated on April 21. He might need an off day or two in the early going after his return, but setbacks aside, you will want to get Bradley active.

Fantasy Analysis: I’m not a huge believer in Bradley as an elite outfielder. The good news is that if you own him, you probably are. And that is all that matters. I play in an old-school Fantasy league with 8 of 12 owners being Red Sox fans, which leaves you with two options. Pay the Red Sox tariff on a guy you like or let the others overpay. But if you do decide to draft a Red Sox, you will be able to have a trade partner 12 times out of 10 during the season.

That is a good reminder to always know the rest of your league. I could write an entire article on this. Maybe I will. But until then, know which owners overreact to slow starts. Know which owners are Giants fans and will overpay for your Joe Panik. Know your league opponents, and use it to your advantage.

Marcus Semien, SS, OAK

Latest News: Marcus Semien has some major red flags so far this season. He battled a sore wrist throughout the spring and got off to a slow start. Then he further injured his wrist and was placed on the DL by the A’s. The CT scan told the story and ruled him out for at least six weeks with wrist surgery. This is not good news for Semien owners.

Fantasy Analysis: The slow start was troublesome with or without the injury. The injury might be an excuse for the lack of production. Semien is never someone that has major trade value so you’re most likely waiting this one out. Depending on your league size, I don’t consider Semien to be must-own if you like someone on the waiver wire. He is an uninspiring source of power that kills you in the batting average department. Just be thankful defense isn’t considered in Fantasy, or else he would be unplayable.


Below are the pitchers in the Week 3 Injury Report.


Jake Odorizzi, SP, TB

Latest News: Odorizzi landed on the disabled list with a strained hamstring on his landing leg. He took a line drive off the leg in his previous start against Toronto, and apparently aggravated the injury on April 15. If you were watching the game, it was awkward how Odorizzi landed, and he immediately knew he was coming out. The Rays should have an update on Odorizzi within the next week.

Fantasy Analysis: Odorizzi is always a steady and underrated arm to have in your rotation, so you will want to wait this one out. All you can do in these situations is hope for no setbacks and preserved health when he returns. Chase Whitley is going to fill in for Tampa Bay, but you can do better on the wire.

Zach Britton, RP, BAL

Latest News: Zach Britton, he of the 54 straight save conversions, landed on the 10-day disabled list with forearm soreness. Buck Showalter said to be hopeful that this is just a 10-day thing, but Britton’s side sessions will dictate that. He felt the soreness while throwing a breaking ball on April 14. Watch out for more information in the coming days.

Fantasy Analysis: This goes for Britton owners and non-owners. Go get Brad Brach. I suppose there is a chance Buck turns to Darren O’Day, but I would count on the more talented Brach in the meantime. Saves are always a tricky situation, especially with injuries to stud closers. As a hat-tip-side-note, credit Yahoo’s Scott Pianowski for being in front of this one. He tweeted much earlier in the week that Britton just didn’t look right, and sure enough, he wasn’t right.


J.A. Happ and Aaron Sanchez, SP, TOR

Latest News: I’m putting these two together to reiterate how rough of a situation the Jays are in. J.A. (pronounced Jay, by the way) Happ left Sunday’s start with soreness in his pitching elbow. That is just about the worst possible news you can say about a starting pitcher. Happ will be further evaluated, but it doesn’t sound promising for the already-declining left-hander.

Sanchez landed on the DL this week as well, with the dreaded blister. That is better news than a sore elbow, but these blisters can rear their ugly heads at any moment, as exhibited by the next guy on this list.

Fantasy Analysis: For the time being, keep these two benched or in your DL spots and play the matchups with waiver wire starters. It is tough to tell what the best matchups are for starters this early in the season, but big National League parks are where I would start. Good luck.

Rich Hill, SP, LAD

Latest News: Last week, I told you Hill was returning, and that I had no idea how to handle Hill moving forward. That outlook has not improved and/or changed that much. Hill returned on April 16 to face Arizona, and yes you guessed it, left early due to blister issues. I would bet he is headed back to the DL, and this doesn’t look like it is going to be a fun situation this season.

Fantasy Analysis: What is worse than Rich Hill missing a bunch of starts and leaving starts early with blister issues? How about Rich Hill, the middle reliever. Dave Roberts admitted the bullpen is an option if his hand can only handle a certain amount of pitches. I said last week to wait for two healthy starts in a row and try to trade him. Bad news: you may never get those two starts. Stay tuned for updates, but this situation doesn’t look good in any way.


Thanks for reading the Week 3 Injury Report.

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