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Week 3 Preseason Fantasy Football Injury Report

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Brook Ward

Welcome back to the Preseason Fantasy Football Injury Report.

We are now approaching Week 3 of the NFL Preseason, meaning that we are getting closer and closer to the real thing. Your drafts are either just around the corner or over, and the Preseason doesn’t have much left to offer other than injuries. I can’t stress this enough: pay attention to injuries! That is why we make these articles.

In a few minutes when you begin reading the actual injury report, you may notice that there are a few fewer players than in past weeks. No, injuries around the NFL didn’t go down. The reason that previous articles have more players was because of my approach.

In those other articles, I included basically any injury that any Fantasy relevant player was dealing with, from WR4s to RB1s. Now, I am taking a new approach. I will only be discussing actual injuries, not day-to-day injuries where the player is returning to practice a few days later. Also, I will try to leave out more of the lower-rated players to focus more on the big injury stories.

This way, it is much more clear as to which injury stories you should care about vs. which you shouldn’t. In other words, in the past, I had some players who I would profile and follow by saying that it wasn’t necessary to pay attention to them, but now I will only be including worthwhile injury stories.


OK, good. Let’s begin.

2017 Fantasy Football Injury Report


Cam Newton, QB, Carolina Panthers

Latest News: Newton is on track to play in Thursday’s preseason game against Jacksonville.

Fantasy Analysis: Finally, he is back. Hopefully, for the first time all preseason, I won’t have to include him in next week’s injury report. Obviously there are concerns about long-term effects of his injury, but for now, he is healthy, and that is all that we are able to control as Fantasy owners. Approach him as a fully healthy player.


Running Backs

Leonard Fournette, RB, Jacksonville Jaguars

Latest News: Fournette says that his current foot injury is unrelated to the ankle injuries that he struggled with last season at LSU.

Fantasy Analysis: I don’t believe that there ever was a huge concern over Fournette’s injury, and now it can be confirmed that there is no need for any.


Matt Forte, RB, New York Jets

Latest News: Forte expects to play in Saturday’s preseason game.

Fantasy Analysis: No, Forte isn’t the Fantasy stud that he used to be, but he is way undervalued in this year’s drafts. In many leagues, I have seen him available at RB4 or even RB5 prices, which is ridiculous for such a proven player who still has a shot to win a starting role, or at least a significant role, in an offense with no passing game. Now that he is back, it adds further onto his sleeper status. I would try to grab him if you could as a low-risk player who combines a decent floor of RB4 production with a good ceiling.


Wide Receivers

Odell Beckham Jr., WR, New York Giants

Latest News: There is no current timetable for Beckham’s return from the ankle injury that he suffered in last week’s preseason game.

Fantasy Analysis: Now here is an injury where there was initially a huge amount of concern. Luckily, it is believed that Beckham avoided anything serious, but we still don’t know exactly how long he will be out for. Breathe a sigh of relief if you own him, but also don’t stop following the situation until we are given some real closure.


Brandon Marshall, WR, New York Giants

Latest News: Marshall, who suffered a shoulder injury, is believed to have avoided anything serious and should be fine moving forward.

Fantasy Analysis: It truly was not a good week for the Giants’ receivers. However, like his teammate Odell Beckham Jr., we were given good news rather than bad about the injury. I would wait until he is cleared until you completely dismiss the situation, but it certainly isn’t one to sweat over.



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