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Week 3 was a week of highs and lows for our impressionable youth of the NFL. We saw some rookies continue to play at very impressive levels while some have stumbled a little bit. We all know rookies are going to have their ups and downs. Not everyone can come into the league and tear it up like Randy Moss or Odell Beckham Jr.

And besides if every rookie came out of the gate blazing what would I have to write about later in the season? I, for one, am looking forward to this week’s Rookie Report because we’ve had some new faces make appearances.

When rookies play well it feels like a shot of life runs through the whole league. Remember how excited everyone was over the rookie wide receivers last year? So the more rookies we have the better! But what if the rookie you drafted and loved has a terrible week? I’m looking at you Matt Jones.

Just because some of the rookies we were all jazzed up about in the offseason or after week 1 had an off week doesn’t mean too much this early in the season. Theres always another week. I believe the great Jerry Seinfeld said “one week you’re down, the next you’re up“.

The Heir To The Receiver Thrown

After the way rookie receivers blew into the NFL last season holding this year’s crop to that standard might have seemed a little crazy before the year. But then Amari Cooper met Derek Carr and we might be one our way to finding another game-breaking rookie receiver.

While Cooper didn’t find the endzone this week he has definitely shown the talent to be a guy you have to start every week. He only turned in an 8 catch, 134 yard performance. One week after burning the Ravens for a long touchdown he was making plays all over the field against a talented Browns secondary that includes Joe Haden.

He’s undoubtedly the go to guy in Oakland and for the first time in a long time the Raiders have a legitimate threat on the outside. So far he looks every bit as good as the 2014 class.

Welcome to the List!

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Philip Dorsett looks like one ofLuck’s better downfield options. Photo Credit: Rob Slaven/Flickr

We’ve had a Todd Gurley sighting! Back when everyone was drafting their teams about a month ago no one really knew when Gurley would be back. Some thought he’d play week 1 while others thought he’d be out at least 6 weeks. Well he came back in week 3 and we were all happy to see him back.

While he was healthy enough to play he didn’t look like his old, bulldozing college self but that is to be expected after being out almost a whole year. He got 6 carries and only turned that into 9 yards. It may have been more of the Steelers defense than anything as starter Tre Mason only turned 9 carries into 16 yards. While the production wasn’t there from Gurley, it’s a great sign to see that they were confident enough in him to give him almost as many touches as a fully healthy Tre Mason.

Mason wasn’t the only rookie to make his first impact in Week 3.

When the Colts drafted Philip Dorsett in the first round it seemed like overkill. They already had T.Y. Hilton and Donte Mocrief, plus they signed Andre Johnson so why did they need another receiver?

Well after three weeks in turns out Andre Johnson may be washed up. Johnson hasn’t shown the ability to get any separation and got the big 0 in receptions this past Sunday. And who was there to step up in Week 3 when the Colts were making their frantic comeback?

If you didn’t get the hint from my dramatic framing and build up, the answer is Philip Dorsett. Coming into the season a lot of his value was going to be his ability to make big plays and that is exactly what we got from him on his touchdown. Is he going to be the main focus of this offense? No but he’s got the speed to get downfield and the Colts seem to be playing from behind a lot lately which means Luck is going to be throwing deep.

Mariota Time

Who was leading the charge to knock Andrew Luck and the Colts to 0-3? That would be Marcus Mariota and while he wasn’t as efficient as he had been the first two weeks of the yea, he did put up some stats. He was only 27/44 but did throw for 367 yards and two touchdowns.

And two interceptions. The first one should have resulted in a first down but it, well just see for yourself.

See what I mean? Mariota did set a record for TDs in his first three games which fantasy owners are probably very happy to see. Start him without fear my friends!

Jameis In Charge

Jameis Winston had a solid but unspectacular day. He threw for 261 yards with one touchdown and one INT. He too had a less than 50% completion percentage but a great silver lining of this whole game was that he wasn’t sacked!

I know right? JJ Watt never got to him. That patchwork offensive line held up and if it can hold up against the best defender in the league that should mean more time in the pocket against other teams. Obviously Winston’s stats didn’t result in a point total that could carry your team but he showed improvement and seems to be finding a nice groove.

Stock Down

Remember last week when I was praising this year’s deep running back crop? Well things didn’t go so great for my guys this week. Everyone knows I’m a fan of Matt Jones but he only turned 11 carries into 38 yards. He did get more carries than Alfred Morris for a second straight week which was nice to see.

I was also just waiting for David Johnson to overtake the washed up Chris Johnson. 110 yards and two touchdowns later and I’m not so sure David will be taking over just yet but I think he’s still worth holding onto. I’m not onboard with the CJ2K reunion tour.

And lastly Ameer Abdullah you’re killing me! We’ve all seen his game breaking speed and ability in week 1 but over the last two he’s been a none factor. He did get 8 carries for 23 yards and 2 receptions for 19. He’s getting some usage but not as much as us hopeful Abdullah owners would like.

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