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Week 3 Rookie Roundup: Kris Bryant, Carlos Rodon & Addison Russell Arrive

For the Rookie Roundup this week I am going to take a brief trip down memory lane. Unless you have been out of the country, without internet access or in a cave you likely heard the news of Kris Bryant getting the call to the Majors last weekend. It has left owners giddy with excitement hoping they have the next BIG THING! 

In Bryant I believe they just may. Will it carry teams to a 2015 title? Time will tell.

Owning a superstar rookie or prospect leaves me feeling like that 8 year old kid whose life revolved around baseball cards.  Collecting them, organizing them and sifting through them meticulously while blasting a George Michael cassette (Yeah, I said it). Should I organize them by series number? Alphabetical? Teams? Why not all of the above?

My absolute favorite thing, however, was to get a prized rookie card. Players like Ken Griffey Jr, Mark McGwire, Kirby Puckett, Mark Grace and Barry Larkin were all personal favorite players of mine.

For some players such as Puckett I missed their rookie seasons of collecting. I had to go to shows, or stores to drool over them. Either way, once I acquired one of these gems I admired it, dreamt of what it would become, and how much the card would be worth. Myself, and several other young boys would go to an avid adult collectors house to look at his cards in my hometown.His collection was immense and I would spend hours there some days just looking through binders of cards. That would never happen today obviously as I doubt any parent would allow their child to go to an adults, relatively unknown, house alone for hours.

We all know how baseball card collecting turned out, however, the analogy still works in the Fantasy Baseball realm. Drafting that prospect with the anticipation of their first at bat or start in a major league game is hard to beat. The urge to land this future star with a ceiling as high as the atmosphere is never higher than during drafts, or after the call-up. That feeling alone, brings back memories, and if you are like myself, you want to achieve that feeling again and again.

So, if you happened to land Bryant or Carlos Rodon in drafts, or drafted/won Addison Russell on the waiver wire — congratulations. The Russell call-up was somewhat surprising to me. I didn’t consider him a candidate to get the call until late in the season. Which is why I left him off my lists in my first rookie post in Week 1. Either way, Put this memory- and hope-filled sensation in the memory bank, but remember this is Fantasy. You want to win, and don’t get too enamored with rookies!

Good luck this week, everyone, and stay tuned for Stefan Zonia’s next Prospect posts, as well all the other fantastic content on SCFE the rest of the week!

 Week 3 Rookie Roundup

As I mentioned last week, now that we are getting more at bats, more innings and more importantly MORE ROOKIES to observe this season the more content I am planning on providing. For this week I am posting statistics for YTD through the beginning of Week 3. However, beginning next week I will be showing the last 7 games statistics as well. This will help gauge a players current streak, or if certain numbers are being skewed from a red-hot, or ice-cold start.

Again, it is still very early, and people will be panicking on veterans, or over-paying for some of these below mentioned players. That may mean you need to sell one of your shiny new toys, if it means you can land a proven player who may be slumping.

Remember you don’t win with potential, but you win with production folks! Thanks again for reading, and I look forward to posting more and more data as the season chugs along.

Kris BryantCUBS2372005510.304
Alex GuererroDodgers861035300.75
Jorge SolerCUBS2442000000.167
Joc PedersonDodgers1651013400.312
Steven SouzaRays2241011200.182
Dalton PompeyBlue Jays2564000300.24
Devon Travis (Injured)Blue Jays2392036610.391
Jake Lamb (Injured)Diamondbacks000000000
Yasmany TomasDiamondbacks1330000210.231
Addison RussellCubs2542004200.16
Jung Ho KangPirates731004000.429
Francisco LindorIndians

Bryant had an 0-4 start to his young career in the majors but from that point on he appears to be on cruise control as he was this spring. Hitting .438 in his first 21 at bats is a very nice start. We all know the power is there, his first Home run will be coming soon.

A few unfortunate injuries also happened to some players who were off to fantastic starts in Devon Travis and now Jake Lamb. Lamb’s injury will likely open up some opportunities for the struggling Yasmany Tomas. I am looking forward to adding Tomas next week, and seeing if he can grasp his opportunity at play time in Arizona.

Joc Pederson and Steven Souza continue to play well hitting for power and a decent average. Basically they aren’t wowing anyone, but filling categories, and that is what most expected from them. Addison Russell’s call-up will be fun to watch, and I am very curious to see how he fares in his first week of MLB action.

Aaron SanchezBlue Jays21110114.091.45
Daniel NorrisBlue Jays170071.291.14
Carlos RodonWhite Sox02.30017.712.57
Trevor MayTwins13.30055.41.2
Kendall GravemanAthletics34.701111.572.14
Alex MeyerTwins0000000
Dylan BundyOrioles0000000
Noah SyndergaardMets0000000
Rafael MonteroMets0000000
Brandon FinneganRoyals0000000
Marco GonzalesCardinals0000000
Michael LorenzenReds0000000
Tim CooneyCardinals
Adam Ottavino (Injured)Rockie03101011
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Some less than spectacular news on the pitching front with most of the Rookie pitchers struggling mightily. Trevor May actually pitched the best fo this young group, and may have secured himself a rotation spot going forward. The  two Blue Jay arms are struggling to pitch past the 6th inning and having some control issues. I am thinking they will work the kinks out sooner than later and be players to watch. I would be stashing Aaron Sanchez and Daniel Norris for now in most leagues.

The biggest news was Rodon getting the call for the White Sox. He started in the bullpen Tuesday, giving up two runs, three hits and three walks in 2 1/3 innings, but he will be in the rotation at some point without a doubt. The Rodon dominance clock has begun!

See you next week everyone!!

Kris Bryant Photo Credit: Topps Heritage Baseball Cards

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