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It is time to take the Minnesota Vikings seriously. Yes, I do mean that in fantasy football and the NFL. Their defense is scary good and Sam Bradford continues to grow within the system. Never thought I would see the day where a defense should be afraid of a Bradford-lead offense.

After seeing them first hand on Sunday that is exactly the case. They shut down Will Fuller and Deandre Hopkins (well besides a garbage time touchdown) and continue to easily handle their opponents.

Normally I do not deal in absolutes, for obvious reasons, but there is now a case to be made that no one should be started against the Vikings. Seriously do not try it.

On some smaller notes, Derek Carr is a surgeon in the fourth quarter. If the Oakland Raiders’ find a little consistency in their offense they can be dangerous. Oh this guy David Johnson for the Arizona Cardinals, he is the best running back in the game. Shame on you for not drafting him.

Let’s now take a look at the main week 5 Fantasy Football headlines.

Week 5 Fantasy Football Headlines

All Hail Tom Terrific

I know what you are going to say, “Robert do not get too excited the Patriots were playing the Cleveland Browns”. Well fair is fair, but it is hard to brush off 406 yards and three touchdowns.

Rob Gronkowski looks like Gronk again, Martellus Bennett looks like a matchup nightmare finally and even Chris Hogan had over 100 receiving yards.

Sure the Cincinnati Bengals will be coming into New England next week but after how Dak Prescott carved them up a repeat performance from Tom Brady is not a crazy notion. Brady looks either rejuvenated or upset, either way it is a nightmare for defenses and a dream for fantasy owners.

Quarterbacks Shine

I hate to go so broad, but so many quarterbacks had great games. Brian Hoyer had 397 passing yards and two touchdowns for the Chicago Bears, he probably will keep the job even with a healthy Jay Cutler.

Ben Roethlisberger and Philip Rivers both had over 350 passing yards and four touchdowns. Even Andrew Luck had 322 passing yards and two touchdowns.

Now while the Chicago Bears may not have any great receivers, Hoyer seems to like to ignore Alshon Jeffrey for some reason, a schedule that has some soft spots will make him an attractive plug in option. Same for Rivers.

Big Ben proved that the embarrassment a few weeks ago against the Philadelphia Eagles was the exception to the rule.  As long as Luck can stay healthy, he is a great start every week after some owners surely had their doubts about him the past three weeks.

Atlanta Falcons Fly (Mile) High

I had my doubts that the Falcons could go into Denver and go toe-to-toe with their top-tier defense. If you told me that Julio Jones would only have 29 yards in this game, I would have said that Denver would win easily.

Yet the Falcons are finally proving that they are more than Jones. The duo of Tevin Coleman and Devonte Freeman may be the best in the league and the other receivers do enough to help out Matt Ryan.

Coleman, Freeman, and Julio may get the bulk of the looks but Ryan has spread the ball around that almost everyone on the team can be started. Well most of them are bye week players.

Whoever the Falcons are playing do not be afraid to play them.

Buffalo’s Resurgence

Well, OK, not every Buffalo Bill is back, Tyrod Taylor.

Besides the up and down Taylor, LeSean McCoy is on a rampage, and the defense looks to have found their teeth finally. No superstars on this team, besides McCoy, but this is a team on its way up and owners needs to take full notice.

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